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Don’t forget your mask et al

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John Faraclas

Don’t forget your mask et al

As we have numerous times stressed during this period of uncertainty with Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading further, it is important for our safety and that of fellow citizens to wear a mask.

We are sending through a live note with Anny Zade and all at allaboutshipping.co.uk to remind you the importance of wearing masks. Be more disciplined and responsible. Disciplined goes to the 7,8 billion people on Planet Ocean, Responsible goes to all politicians and medical people NOT to succumb to any pressure whatsover !!

Moreover,  as we pursue maritime Sports and fully support Maritime Tourism in allaboutshipping pages, the Nautical Club of Paleon Faliron in the Athenian Riviera couldn’t be a better place to send our message. One of the few places on Planet Ocean adjacent with a floating Maritime Museum…

Enjoy the video and have a nice month:

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