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Seafarers to return to pre COVID-19 contracts
Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Australia

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has announced that from 28 February 2021 the interim COVID arrangements which have permitted seafarers to serve longer than 11 months on-board ships will end.

Under the Maritime Labour Convention, the normal maximum period that a seafarer can serve aboard a vessel without leave is 11 months. Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions and border closures, AMSA has taken a pragmatic approach to compliance with this requirement.

During the past six months, AMSA has monitored the level of compliance and intervened to ensure the repatriation of seafarers whose duration on board were excessive. AMSA has now issued a new marine notice, Marine Notice 10/2020, stating a return to international requirements, of no more than 11 continuous months on board, will be applied from 28 February 2021.

For information about operations in Australia, contact GAC Australia at shipping.australia@gac.com

24-hour stoppage by tug workers
Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Brisbane, Australia

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has notified tug operator Svitzer Australia of a 24-hour work stoppage by MUA members working for Svitzer at Brisbane, starting from 6:00am on Monday 23 November.

Svitzer are reviewing schedules and crewing requirements to minimise any potential disruption.

For information about operations in Australia, contact GAC Australia at shipping.australia@gac.com

Movement of goods & commodities between the UAE and Israel
Wednesday, November 18, 2020, United Arab Emirates

Israeli products – or any goods imported from Israel – shall be permitted into the UAE through the country’s ports of entry; and likewise UAE products – or any goods exported from the UAE – shall be permitted into the Israel ports of entry.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the GCC Common Customs Law and the GCC Unified Guide for Customs Procedures at First Points of Entry, the following customs measures and controls shall apply at import, export and transit of goods and commodities from and to Israel:
a. The terms herein are applicable to all customs offices and air, sea and land ports of entry including post and courier offices.
b. Goods of Israeli origin as well as goods of foreign origin imported from Israel shall be allowed entry into the UAE.
c. UAE products shall be allowed for export to Israel either directly or indirectly. As well good and products of foreign origin shall be permitted for export and re-export to Israel.
d. All customs cases shall be permitted under trade movement between the UAE and Israel in accordance with the provisions of the Common Customs Law and the Unified Procedures Guide.
e. The provisions of prohibition and restriction and the mechanism for the movement of goods of special nature under the GCC Customs Union shall be observed for goods of Israeli or foreign origin emanating from Israel.

The present Notice shall supersede any other conflicting provisions, and all relevant entities shall take necessary action to implement it in their scope of competence.

(For information about operations in the United Arab Emirates, contact GAC at abudhabi@gac.com, dubai@gac.com, fujairah@gac.com, rasalkhaimah@gac.com or sharjah@gac.com)

Source: Government of Dubai, Dubai Customs, Customs Notice No.18/2020 dated 15 November 2020

Weekend curfew
Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Turkey

Starting from this weekend (21-22 November), a curfew will be in force in Turkey between 20:00 and 10:00 hours local time every Saturday and Sunday.

In light of this, flights for any crew changes due to take place at the weekend should be booked to arrive between 12:00 and 17:00 hours local time.

For information about operations in Turkey, contact GAC Turkey at turkey@gac.com

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