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The Power of Mentoring

You are warmly invited to join this Nautical Institute webinar

 14:00 GMT on Tuesday, 5 January 2021
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A few months ago, The Nautical Institute launched a mentoring campaign, starting the conversation about the role it plays, could play, or should play, in the life of seafarers all around the world. From the start, participants were invited to share their stories and to take our ten-minute challenge. To mark the end of this campaign, The Nautical Institute is running a webinar on January 5th in which our Senior Vice-President, Capt. André LeGoubin FNI, will be speaking to some of the participants about their mentoring experiences.

They will be discussing:·       
What is mentoring?·       
What is its value?·       
What are some obstacles to mentoring?·       
How can we engage in effective mentoring? 

Please join this webinar to learn how being either a mentor, or mentee, might help you grow professionally.  a

NI Senior Vice-President, Capt. André LeGoubin FNI, is a long-standing advocate of the power of mentoring and author of our book, Mentoring at Sea – The Ten Minute Challenge.
Register for the webinar
This free webinar will be fully interactive, inviting questions from attendees and will provide a certificate of participation to all those who attend.

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