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Prime’s Bunkersplus News Highlights – February 2021

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Prime’s Bunkersplus News Highlights – February 2021

Irene K Notias

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Mon, Feb 1, 2021        Attn: Bunker Buyer, Principle, Charterer, Operator 

From our office to yours, ΚΑΛΟ ΜΗΝΑ!                                       

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Argus Media: Fundamentals: Opec+ cuts to help the balance
“The latest Opec+ agreement will go a long way to maintaining market stability, and prices in this environment should remain relatively supported.” 
Read more in: https://www.argusmedia.com/

ship.energy: LNG as a marine fuel – does it warrant its ‘transitional’ tag?
Will LNG have longevity as a marine fuel as shipping mulls its future energy options? 
Read more in: https://ship.energy/

BUNKER PORT PRICE DIFFERENTIAL LIST : (basis indics, Feb 1st)PORT                VLSFO max    L/S 0.50% RMG380 DIFFERENTIALMGO max    L/S .10% DIFFERENTIAL SINGAPORE$455.00$347.00108$470.00-15FUJAIRAH$450.00s.i. $530.00-80ROTTERDAM    $410.00s.i. $450.00-40 Find compliance info and daily ports bunker price indications at www.primeinc.gr, or Join BPi www.bunkerspot.com/bpi, for much more ports price info and analysis.

Looking forward to being part of the Slide2Open Shipping Finance Conference this year. For info and registration, click below:
“The Science of Buying Bunker Fuels for Effective Bunker Procurement Management” – A Fujairah Bunkering Week 2-day Virtual Course by Irene Notias. For info and registration, click below: 
Prime’s is one of the longest running, independent bunker buying management service providers, situated in Greece and supported by the best Greek shipping companies and the best international bunker suppliers around. It is a facility that provides accurate information, quality fuel products, supplier credit lines and peace of mind to bunker buying procurement departments. 
 Backing clients’ needs holistically, making your work life easier, so you can optimize on efficiency.  We also educate our clients about the bunker industry dynamics and how to help make intelligent buying decisions that achieve cost savings.
Join our family of clients! Visit our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/prime-s-bunkersplus-services/Share and pool ideas for the sake of Greek Shipping sustainability. 
During this pandemic period, we want to know you are okay, so pls send a return reply email, stating: “staying healthy”.  On standby for your bunker fuel and lubs procurement needs, we thank you for the business and the confidence you have shown us and remain, 

at your service,

Irene Notias & Team
Meet Prime’s team @  http://primeinc.gr/#people
Prime’s Bunkersplus Services
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(as brokers only) 
Tel:  +30-210-963-9140,  Fax: +30-210-963-9153, 24 hrs cell: +30 6944-382533
E-mail for bunker and lub inquiries: inquiries@primeinc.gr 
E-mail for general comments: bunkersplus@primeinc.gr   

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