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ABS Hellenic Technical Committee Meeting

Dr. Chris Leontopoulos

ABS conducted esterday, for the first time, the meeting of its Hellenic Technical Committee, virtually. The event was perceived as a success, judging from the high participation of the members of the committee, mainly, technical directors and fleet managers. “It is amazing to realize that all these Greek companies together, represent 25% of the global marine fleet”, commented a senior ABS official.


The agenda ranged from the Digitalization of Class and simulation by ABS’s SVP, Mr Patrick Ryan, and Dr Demetres Armanes, to Enhanced Shaft Alignment Notation by the Chairman of the Committee, Dr Chris Leontopoulos. The distinguished guest speaker was Mr Dimitri Fafalios, Chairman of Intercargo, who talked about “The Greening of the Greek Bulker Fleet”.

Dimitris J. Fafalios

The traditional technical poll took place interactively through the on-line platform at the end of the meeting and the results were then distributed amongst the Committee members.


For our readership info, here is the agenda of the meeting:

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