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VesselsValue launches Liftboats as part of Offshore offering.

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VesselsValue launches Liftboats as part of Offshore offering.

Leading online valuation and data provider, VesselsValue, are thrilled to announce they are now covering Liftboats. 

Commenting on the launch, Robert Day, Head of Offshore – VesselsValue Ltd said:

Since entering the Offshore market in 2016, VesselsValue has launched automated values for around 11,000 Offshore vessels, and with Liftboats representing a key link between Offshore Oil and Gas assets and the Renewables sector, it was the logical next step to take. As the only valuation provider producing live, fully automated and 100% unbiased Liftboat valuations, VesselsValue’s unique launch fills an essential gap in the market. In a sector notorious for a lack of transparency and under extreme pressure due to Covid-19, more than ever, real time and objective information is critical.”   

Alongside the introduction of daily updated automated values, Liftboats have now been incorporated into VesselsValue’s extensive fleet search database and live AIS and GIS mapping and tracking tool.  

A lesson in Liftboats

As of today, the total value of the global Liftboat fleet consisting of 247 vessels is USD 2.16 bil.

All Coast LLC has the largest fleet by number with 29 vessels to its name with a VV value of USD 16 mil, but Zakher Marine International have the largest fleet by value with an impressive USD 343 mil spanning their 16 vessels fleet. Recent offshore rumours suggest that Zakher Marine Services may even be selling their entire Liftboat fleet to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), although there has been no official confirmation as of yet. 

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there have been several recent distressed Liftboat sales. Interestingly, the two largest Liftboats in the world fleet by leg length (ft), Teras Fortress 2 and its sister Teras Fortress, were contracted for c. USD 90 mil back in 2012 and yet the former was sold in December 2020 for just USD 22 mil, with a VV value of USD 21.48 mil as at 17th February 2021. 

Light at the end of the tunnel

Although it has been a tough year for shipping with Covid-19 still ongoing, it may not be all doom and gloom for our new Liftboats sector. 2020 saw a spotlight on Renewables, particularly Offshore wind energy, and following that, opportunity could come knocking for Liftboat owners.

About VesselsValue

VesselsValue is a leading online valuation and data provider for the Shipping, Offshore, Passenger and Superyacht industries. VesselsValue’s mission is to bring transparency and objectivity to the Maritime markets through a wide range of services. Data and market insights are available through online access, reports, API feeds and exports and includes everything from automated values, transactions and vessel information, mapping and tracking to cargo miles and global trade flows and much more.

Visit www.vesselsvalue.com for more information.

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