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Seascape & Seagle Marine Service

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Seascape & Seagle Marine Service

Seagle Marine Service Co. Ltd. is a marine service spare parts supplier with excellent relationships with Chinese manufacturers. Seagle Marine has won the trust of Greek shipowners through its long collaboration with Seascape. Together, they service more than 1500 ships per year around the world. 

SGM supplies from existing stock, found at their 1000 square meters warehouse in China, and focuses on: 
Genuine spare parts for main and auxiliary engines
Excellent quality service
Competitive prices for spare parts, other equipment and ship machinery
Seascape offers its services to more than 2.500 ships and 150 shipping companies per year. 
Highly trained staff, and its founder counting more than 40 years of experience in the field.  
 State of the art service honoring more than 20 international representations and collaborations. 
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