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GIWA: And the Winner is…

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GIWA: And the Winner is…

Dr. Marina Papaioannou winner of GIWA’s Shipping category with GIWA’s president and founder Sofia Konstantopoulou

2nd GIWA ceremony: 14 Greek women have received their award in a celebration dedicated to the women who excel worldwide for their professional achievements. An evening full of inspiration, success and emotion.

GIWA Committee and presenter: Sofia Konstantopoulou, Emi Livaniou, Naya Boltetsou and Maria Sarantopoulou

The Opening address of the impressive award ceremony that was broadcast by ERT WORLD and was streamed on ERTFLIX , was given by H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Ms. Katerina Sakellaropoulou. Αmong other things, in her speech, she mentioned the following, “From the position I hold, I will always be among Greek women of all ages who fight stubbornly in a rapidly changing world to break the shackles of social captivity and overcome immobility in search of new and innovative forms of creation and action. Their bright examples are undoubtedly arming us with strength and optimism. It is with great pleasure that I am with you today at the GIWA award ceremony and I want to congratulate all the women who participated in the competition. “

International Recognition award: Ekaterini Belefanti-Sofianou with Giannis Chryssoulakis

The presenter of the ceremony was the renowned journalist Emi Livaniou, who has been supporting the GIWA institution since its foundation. At the beginning of the event, Sofia Konstantopoulou, the president and founder of the Greek International Women Awards, while referring to the importance of the awards remarked: “Women are society itself, and each and every one of us together can create the so-called “domino effect”. I feel that now is the time where the whole universe has consented to make changes to our benefit. It is now clear that we have all shaken up the system, and that it is now time to talk. Because the more we talk, the stronger we become. The more we talk, the more we will manage to create even more infrastructure that will support women further.”

Emi Livaniou, Tommy King and Sofia Konstantopoulou

Judges and supporters had the opportunity to present the winners and their work while they, themselves, spoke about their journey, their achievements and the importance of the GIWA award. The two honorary awards that weren’t part of the competition were given to two leading Greek women with great international impact, Katerina Belefanti-Sofianou won the International Recognition award and Katerina Kounalaki won the Lifetime Achievement award.

Social Responsibility: Maria-Nefeli Chatziioannidou and Elias Galinos

The awards were honored by the presence of the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Maria Syregela and the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Giannis Chrysoulakis, who referred to the GIWA institution as “an outstanding award ceremony for distinguished Greek women around the world” and  presented the International Recognition Award to Mrs. Ekaterini Belefanti-Sofianou stressing that ‘’Ekaterini Belefanti-Sofianou is way more than a great personality, and a Great Benefactor of the Greek Diaspora. Mrs. Sofianou is a Great Lady of Hellenism, perhaps one of the greatest.’’

Business and Entrepreneurship: Litsa Panagiotopoulou, Ioanna Stanegloudi and Panos Papazoglou

The renowned composer Evanthia Reboutsika participated in the big celebration and the audience had the opportunity to enjoy her music as well.

Young Star: Sofia Konstantopoulou, Natasha (Anastasia) Andritsaki, Maria Sarantopoulou, Naya Boltetsou, Marianna Paschalidou and Elpida Kokota

The collaboration between GIWA and EY Greece ensured transparency in the participation process of the awards. Mr. Panagiotis Papazoglou, Managing Partner of EY Greece, stated: “As we find ourselves in 2021, 200 years since the revolution which gave birth to the modern Greek state, we shouldn’t still be discussing about things that should be obvious by now, such as gender equality in the workplace. We are proud supporters of the Greek International Women Awards vision, as it is an initiative that puts healthy and strong women role models in the spotlight, showcasing the power and potential of women, thus paving the way to real change”.

Sports: Marina-Leda Koutarelli and Giannis Drimonakos

This year’s award category winners are : 

Arts and Culture: Zafirakou Andria | Secondary School Teacher and CEO of Artists in Residence

Business and Entrepreneurship: Stanegloudi Ioanna | Co-Founder & Chief Risk Officer

Design: Svoronou Rania | Design Director

Fashion: Makriyianni Katerina | Jewelry designer

Finance: Bantanidis Sophia | Head of Regulatory Strategy and Policy TTS Innovation

Hospitality: Nikolaou Dina | Head Chef

Science and Technology Asimaki Angeliki | Senior Lecturer in Cardiac Morphology and Sudden Death

Social Science: Klimaki Sylvia | Journalist for Bloomberg TV

Shipping: Papaioannou Marina | Principal Academy Advisor

Sports: Patroni Katerina | Sport Assistant

Social Responsibility: Chatziioannidou Maria Nefeli | Founder of Yperoxes Gynaikes (Great  Women)

Young Star Award Andritsaki Natasha (Anastasia) | Undergraduate Student

You can watch the ceremony by clicking here.

Hospitality: Naya Boltetsou, Ntina Nikolaou, Danae Bezantakou and Sofia Konstantopoulou

For more information visit the official website of the Greek International Women Awards www.greekinternationalwomenawards.com. Follow us on our social media platforms :Instagram/LinkedIn/ Facebook

Fashion: Sofia Konstantopoulou, Kostas Voantzis, Katerina Makriyianni, Naya Boltetsou and Maria Sarantopoulou

The GIWA Powered by Aphrodite Hills which is supported by businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs is under the Auspices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, General Secretariat for family policy and gender equality, Ministry of Foreign Affairs General Secretariat for public diplomacy and Greeks abroad, National Chamber Network of Women Entrepreneurs and the Greek Embassy of Great Britain.

The GIWA Award

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Evanthia Remboutsika with Sofia Konstantopoulou

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The Greek International Women Awards (GIWA) -a great inspiration by Sofia Konstantopoulou and her team, which develops and gets better year by year. We hope for a better one with Shipping at the forefront on par – category wise, with the “offshore categories”.


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