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The Greek Revolution through the Eyes of its ‘Others’

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The Greek Revolution through the Eyes of its ‘Others’

Please join us for the following event hosted by The Hellenic Institute, Royal Holloway University of London:

Thursday, 22 April 2021
18.00-19.30 BST

About this Event:

The Greek War of Independence (1821-1830) was a national revolution that fractured existing patterns of multi-ethnic coexistence and generated instead strong and enduring images as much of the national self as of the new nation’s ‘Others’. This panel takes a closer look at the much-understudied ways some of Greece’s most prominent ‘Others’ have responded to the war and its legacy over the course of the past two centuries. Moving away from Euro- and Greco-centric perspectives, the focus will be on early nineteenth-century Albanian warlords, interwar Sephardi Jews, and mid-twentieth-century Turkish historians and their engagement with the Greek Revolution in the context of their own repositioning in the changing Ottoman and post-Ottoman worlds of Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.


Dr Sukru Ilicak (Research Centre for the Humanities, Athens)

The Greek War of Independence as an Albanian Experience

Dr Paris Chronakis (Royal Holloway University of London)

From ‘Other’ to ‘Brother’: Greek Jews and the Greek Revolution in the interwar period

Dr Antonis Hadjikiriakou (Panteion University, Athens)

Winning at Land, Losing at Sea: The First Turkish History of the Greek Revolution


Dr Konstantina Zanou (Columbia University, NYC)

This panel discussion is part of the 21in21.co.uk events calendar, which received generous sponsorship from the A.G. Leventis Foundation.
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