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Marketing in Maritime Returns for 2021

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First MiM live event held in London, 2018

Marketing in Maritime Returns for 2021
Due to popular demand the only event dedicated to maritime marketers is back. This year Marketing in Maritime (MiM) takes to the digital stage, perfectly reflecting the evolving landscape that has faced marketers in all sectors over the past year.
Building on the first live event in London, 2018, initiated by maritime marketing agency, Wake Media, MiM 2021: Discover Opportunity & Embrace the Change will be held on on 29 June – 1 July 2021. It will explore how marketers are adapting to the new global and maritime industry environment – and how they can meet the emerging challenges facing marketing teams and budgets.
The event will offer delegates an immersive online experience through its interactive platform and features a combination of panel discussions and speaker sessions, from over 20 individuals selected for their valuable insights and learning, as well as the latest functionality in digital delegate interaction: breakout sessions, networking, online discussions and Q&As as well as access to exclusive resources during and post event.
Speakers include marketing practitioners from across the maritime industry and beyond, from ship managers and technology providers to dedicated marketing service specialists. The blend is designed to provide delegates with maritime-specific marketing insights, to help elevate their own marketing efforts.
MiM 2021 Event Moderator and Director of Operations at Wake Media Andy Ford said: “MiM was created because we saw a gap. There are currently no other forums or platforms specifically for the maritime marketer. This industry is unique in many ways, but not in others, and a platform was needed to allow us to listen to the right voices and learn new techniques.
”MiM is not just an event,  it’s a community we are trying to build to offer ongoing support, learning and collaboration opportunities for maritime marketers. The event provides the opportunity for delegates to join us longer term and enjoy the benefits which this collaborative approach offers, but also for them to take an active role in building and shaping that community.”
For the full programme and registration visit: MiMcrowd.com

MiM is a unique community specifically formed for the maritime marketer

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