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TT Talk: feed the world

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TT Talk: feed the world

The movement of foodstuffs in containers may be commonplace, but can present a number of challenges – as exemplified by the article here on bulk grain. However, this edition also raises a critical alert to the entire supply chain industry about the unwanted movement of invasive pests and the impact that has on crops – and biodiversity in general – in recipient countries. Action time!   I hope you find these articles useful.  

Peregrine Storrs-Fox     – Risk Management Director, TT Club

Risks of shipping bulk grain in containers
Improper packing of bulk grain cargo can lead to the distortion of the container, compromising structural integrity, spillage of contents, contamination, and injury to workers when opening container doors. Click to read or listen

Urgent action: identifying the real pest risk
Calls for intrusive inspections of import and export freight to counter the risks of invasive pests in cargo and containers risk disrupting trade more severely than either COVID-19 or the Suez blockage. Click to read or listen
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