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Rightship Vetting Criteria / DryBMS

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Rightship Vetting Criteria / DryBMS

‘Mind the Gap’

  How the DryBMS will impact your operation?

Not decided yet who will perform the Gap Analysis?

Do you need guidance and clarity on the requirements?
Prevention at Sea offers:
Gap analysis to ensure complianceCost-effective SMS amendments
Simplified SMS procedures and best practices
Preparation for DryBMS audit
In-depth analysis and advice on maritime Guides (BPG, MEG 4, etc.) and requirements
Contact us or request a TEAMS call with one of our Maritime Advisors for a ‘walk through’ the DryBMS requirements.
For achieving continuous DryBMS compliance and enhancing the human element, we have designed for you the H.EL.M.E.T. compliance monitoring program
 Visit https://helmetassessment.com/ or talk to us at


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