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Hot Port News from GAC

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Hot Port News from GAC

Oil fields reopen as blockade ends
11 Jan 2022, El Sharara, El Feel, Wafa & Hamada, Libya
Production is reported to have resumed in the El Sharara, El Feel, Wafa and Hamada oil fields. 
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Tropical cyclone weakens but set to re-intensify
11 Jan 2022, Cape York Peninsula, Australia
Ex-Tropical Cyclone Tiffany is expected to re-intensify after entering the Gulf of Carpentaria. 
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Terminal re-opened
11 Jan 2022, Buckeye Bahamas Hub, Bahamas
The Buckeye Bahamas Hub Terminal’s port condition was upgraded from Closed to Open at 15.18 hours local time yesterday (10 January). 
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