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The BDI@1,764: skyfall or …business as usual with Geopolitics and Covid about to create havoc

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The BDI@1,764: skyfall or …business as usual with Geopolitics and Covid about to create havoc

John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 109 points since yesterday and now reads 1,764 points; it also lost 525 points since last Friday the 7th of January when it stood at 2,289 points. Plenty of Geopolitical mess all over Planet Ocean whilst Covid, unfortunately makes waves. John Faraclas’ daily and weekly recap:

The Capes lost 250 points and now the BCI stands at 1,496 points; on a weekly basis the BCI lost nearly 1,000 point – to be precise 936 since last Friday when same stood at 2,432 points losing the threshold from 2,400 to 1,500 !

Panamaxes’ performance was on a downward phase with the BPI down to 2,375 points – minus 77 and 582 down since 7th of January; again, the loss of 2,900 to 2,400 points threshold is a fact!

Increased daily losses for both the Supras and the Handies but still  double digit losses; the BSI down 18 to 1,897 and the Handies down 17 to 1,192 respectively. Unfortunately on a weekly basis the losses were three digit ones, 177 and 108!!

All in all a falling Dry Market and the coming week will be crucial; watch this space!

The Wets remain low; the Dirties stayed the same with the BDTI at 698 but the Cleans losing three points reading at 593. The weekly losses stood at seven and 34 respectively with both losing the 00 and 600 points thresholds respectively. CAUTION!

A very dangerous so to speak WTI,  now at US$ 83.82, which is US$ 1.70 higher since yesterday and US$ 4.92 a week ago when same stood at 78.90… might cause mess.

All in all the energy issue, whatever the product will create havoc all over Planet Ocean…

Geopolitics still for strong nerves in all fronts and the drums of War can be heard…

The Faulty Line from Lisbon to Kabul and from the Caucuses down to the Horn of Africa remains and as said recently included ten ongoing conflicts and another ten yet to come.

MIGRANTS still the number one issue. For the ongoing MIGRANTS issue we have to blame the politicians.

Elections in France could be critical…and might leave wounds…

Germany must get its act together and understand that there 35 more nations in Europe including the 27 EU ones!! We all await to see an economic recovery in Germany. Post merkel’s period will surprise us all…

In UK, it is not what the future holds for PM Johnson, but for the entire Conservative party.

Russia might face the combine wrath of NATO and the EU… President Putin can act asymmetrically and play in more than three fronts in Europe, so one needs charismatic and determined leaders to confront him even for an all-out conflict. It will be wise though to create an alliance with USA, NATO and the EU and face the Chinese advancement. He can’t do it alone and he is in danger from the Beijing rulers.

China itself overplays and it will be detrimental for the Chinese people soon to find out that 70 (seventy) centum of Planet Ocean’s nations are against them due to trade practices wrecking dozens of nations economies. In the South China Sea, China will not just confront the USA, but almost most nations in the region

Japan is closely watching…

The Subcontinent remains as turbulent as ever and anything can happen there.

The Balkans and East Med might see eruptions given the Turkish rhetoric and preparation for hostilities leading to a messy war which will affect the entire Middle East. Erdogan backers must end this unethical game. We don’t need sanctions against him, but real actions and for sure the Turkish peple will overtthrow him. Need though to completely curb the expansionist feeling that the Turkish opposition desires too; watch this space….

Africa, in deep trouble.

Australia …preoccupied with health and sports issues given a tennis ace’s behaviour… Aussie are not an easy prey…

The USA under the presidency of Joe Biden, a real maverick, will also surprise us. Can Biden though prove himself as a modern Franklin D. Roosevelt?

The Latin Central South America an area to watch.

For the Shipping Industry and the supply intermodal chain we need to safeguard Planet Ocean’s Dire Straits! Bosphorus, Gibraltar, Kiel, Malacca, Panama, Suez might be targetted and we need ultra security.

Inflation spreads too and with the World’s worse even Recession things might get sour and many centre-right regimes might fall and centre-left governments will feel the space… This obviously is NOT to the best interest of our society. Expect demonstrations all over due to the rising of prices.

We need to eliminate and conversly end sex harrasment; it’s too much to bear. WISTA should spearhead this and alert other organisations!!

We need more safety and security e v e r y w h e r e, hence more policing – recruit police officers and coast guard officers here and now!!

We need respect to Seafarers!!!

Covid spreads and we might see more mutations as well as conflicts and more demos with those objecting the vaccine.

Have a nice evening and weekend and continue to remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and any Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean.  Once again a big THANK YOU to all who really care for all humans – Doctors, Nurses, Seafarers, Dockers, Port Authorities et al during this Coronavirus disaster!! We repeat: Do please invest in Hospitals including Equipment, Doctors, Nurses and any useful means to avoid further disasters! Become more disciplined and care for the Environment too. Lastly: Education and Training for all to be able to tackle these disasters. Let us work collectively together and NOT opt for a fistful of Dollars to restart the already collapsed global economy… which is in red over US$ 350 (threehundredandfifty) trillion…

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