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Putin: Ukraine, right, that’s it for me… But……what if NATO and the EU close the dire straits…

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Putin: Ukraine, right, that’s it for me… But…what if NATO and the EU close the dire straits…

John Faraclas – picture by ecopack77

By John Faraclas

Closing the tap for oil, gas and all that jazz that president Putin can order in a second is one thing –  despite the fact that financially Russia will go completely busted, but closing the Dardanelles, Suez, Kiel Canal, Skagerrak and Kattegat will be lethal for Russia and Turkey, an accomplice… so to speak.

The EU should abandon completely the old empires past myths and interests and re-create The Mighty Continent as we knew it. The US has to choose: fully supporting Europe and reprimanding Germany AND Turkey – both of which really causes all the energy mess, or else… It could have been wiser and just to  use the Aegean and East Med oil and gas, thus completely avoiding the Nordstream2, but Mrs. Merkel approached the wrong end…

Putin’s standoff on Ukraine etc etc., and how the West until now responds, reminds me of the MIGRANTS issue, where – in hundreds of reports, we stressed the fact that to stop them coming in Europe, particularly from Minor Asia (Anatolian Coast of Turkey) same can be done by “a Naval Blockade, with a Mandate and Rules of Engagement”; end of the story. Now try to interpret this with the current situ in Ukraine and the region at large.

Putin’s preplanned recognition of the two separatist areas was well prepared…

Sanctions cannot work as the Russian people following 72 years of Communism… err Socialism, can sustain same. Europe from the right beginning was “divided” so to speak, with leaders Germany making gross mistakes… Even the resignation of Germany’s head of Navy, Adm Kay-Achim Schönbach says it all.

Leaders of Shipping we know best; remember: Geopolitics is our baby!

P.S. Remember: In Anthropogeography as well as in Political Geography, Europe’s frontier with Asia are the Ural Mountains. It will be for the benefit of Putin’s Russia to even join NATO and truly tackle the Chinese and Turks et al in the South. We have hinted this long time ago! Watch this space!


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