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Why the labour market won’t fuel US inflation, Digital currencies could boost financial health, and more

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THE DAILY UPDATE – Saturday 2 April 2022

Why the labour market won’t fuel US inflation

By Julian Jacobs

Despite low unemployment and high inflation, fears that tight labour markets will drive inflation higher are misplaced. Five elements have been vital to the reduction of worker power since the 1970s and are responsible for the considerable productivity-pay gap in the US. The great danger of this bout of inflation is that salaries will not increase fast enough, while panic about rising wages will lead to an overly reactive policy response and more cautious hiring.

Digital currencies could boost financial health
By Ivy LauMillions of people in the US are outside of the formal financial system. Many more are underserved by it. More than two-thirds of Americans are not financially healthy. Innovations in technology and digital currencies could be part of the solution. 
Integrating ESG risks into investment frameworks
Xinting Jia, ESG investment strategist, APAC, State Street Global Advisors, joins Emma McGarthy, head of OMFIF’s Sustainable Policy Institute, to discuss the methods and tools investors use when integrating ESG factors into their decisions and delve into the metrics that should be used to assess risks. 
Chief economists briefing
Tuesday 5 AprilThis virtual roundtable assesses monetary and fiscal developments across the euro area, UK and US. The discussion covers inflation expectations, prospects for growth, the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on global markets, supply chain disruptions and rising energy prices. 
 Future of capital markets
Bankers, issuers and technology companies are scrambling to develop technology to overhaul how capital markets operate, a new report from OMFIF finds. The ‘Future of capital markets’ report also includes a survey of public sector funding teams on their plans for and expectations of digital assets.

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