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Pilot Ladder Safety Webinar

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Seamanship must prevail      

Join us and our presenters at this Nautical Institute webinar

13:00 – 14:00 UTC on Thursday 21 April 2022  

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The Nautical Institute (NI) and the International Maritime Pilots’ Association (IMPA) have been concerned for many years at the needlessly high rate of Pilot Ladder casualties.

The NI is continuously reminded of the problem from its Members and through its Mariners’ Alerting and Reporting Scheme (MARS). The issue features frequently in our publications, and we recently dedicated an edition of our award winning magazine The Navigator to the topic, emphasising the importance of good seamanship in ensuring safety.  

IMPA has recently published its annual Safety Campaign results 2021 indicating that non-compliance with long established SOLAS regulations remains regrettably high – with little change from previous surveys. Progress is not happening. Still pilots are being injured and still lives are being lost during pilot transfer operations

In this Webinar Nick Cutmore, the Secretary General of IMPA and Capt John Pearn, Chair of the IMPA Safety Committee, will report on their findings and discuss how good seamanship can literally save lives. 

This webinar will be interactive, inviting feedback and questions from attendees. A certificate of participation is available to all those who attend. 

Nick Cutmore – Secretary General, International Maritime Pilots’ Association 

Nick was appointed Secretary General of IMPA in July 1999 following 24 years at Trinity House, the Lighthouse and Pilotage Authority in London.

At IMPA he has overseen a growth in membership and activity in the past 20 years including the adoption by IMO of Resolution A960 (Standards for Training and Certification and Operational Procedures for Maritime Pilots other than Deep-Sea Pilots) and the introduction of improved standards for Pilot Boarding in SOLAS. Currently he is working on the difficulties of handling Very Large Container Vessels among many other topics.

Nick lives in the village of Downe in S.E. England, where Darwin settled after his voyage on the Beagle and wrote “On the Origin of Species”.

Capt John Pearn – AFNI, IMPA Vice President  

Captain John Pearn started his pilotage career in 1979 as an apprentice Liverpool pilot. After completing the apprenticeship, he went to sea to see the world, ending up in Antarctica on scientific research ships.

After gaining his master’s certificate, he returned to pilotage in 1992 at Milford Haven. He also has a postgraduate diploma in Port Management and a Master Degree in Environmental Law. He joined the Executive Board of UKMPA in 2004 and IMPA in 2014 and is currently the Chair of the IMPA Safety Committee.

David Patraiko, FNI – Director of Projects, The Nautical Institute  

As Head of Research and Relationship for the NI David oversees much of the Institute’s work on technical and training issues, and how these convert into Professional Development for individuals and the development of best practices in the industry. He is a regular contributor to the NI’s publications, and represents the NI with international organisations such as the IMO and IALA. He is currently Chair of the Green Award Board of Experts. 

Register for the webinar

This free webinar will be interactive, inviting feedback and questions from attendees and will provide a certificate of participation to all those who attend.

Please forward this email to your colleagues if you feel this is a topic that would be of interest to them. A recording of the webinar will be posted on the NI’s Members website

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend.

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