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Thome Group streamlines maritime operations with integrated BASSnet Fleet Management software

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OSLO, NORWAY; [18th April 2022]: Thome Group (‘Thome’), the leading international ship manager, is onboarding the BASSnet 2.11 maritime software for the Thome managed vessels in a fully BASSnet Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for their offices and vessels.

This major contract with BASS includes all core BASSnet modules including apps, SaaS deployment in Microsoft Azure and database building and conversion. The BASSnet Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard is a part of the solution which will give valuable operational insights by individual vessel or
at fleet level, to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

“BASSnet will give costs and productivity gains in a modern, integrated digital solution,” says Olav Nortun, CEO of Thome Group. “With BASSnet, we have a fully integrated suite to streamline our processes across our large fleet by repurposing data and enabling us to offer our customers a more agile platform to draw information from. I’m immensely excited about this opportunity to add another building block in our strategy to build on Software as a Service, deployed in a Microsoft Azure environment. We look forward to working closely with BASS on this important journey.” BASSnet’s centralised database was highly attractive as a single source of vessel data for fleetwide analytics and reporting.

“BASSnet 2.11 is a complete, off-the-shelf maritime solution,” says Per Steinar Upsaker, CEO & Managing Director at BASS Software. “The suite’s rich features, integrations and on-the-go mobile apps enable our partners to efficiently streamline operational and environmental processes. We’re continually enhancing user experience and configurability. Our fleetwide business intelligence and reporting solutions also make it easy to understand complex data and drive good business decisions.”

He adds, “We’re pleased BASSnet 2.11 has attained the high industry standard valued by major industry leaders such as Thome. We’re now excited to work together to achieve an effective, smooth and timely implementation and roll-out.”

BASSnet 2.11 covers the entire vessel management workflow including Maintenance and Material management, Projects (Dry Docking), Operations, Safety and Quality, Risk Management, Reviews &
Improvements, Document Management and Procurement. BASSnet SaaS ensures business continuity
in the Azure environment, while BASS’s comprehensive infrastructure and application management
services remove the burden of upfront hardware and software costs.

Another highlight for Thome was BASS’s 25-year track record on system improvements and project
experience in big fleet deployment. It was also reassuring to Thome, headquartered in Singapore, that
BASS has a strong support team stationed in neighbouring Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

BASS Software, the leading ERP maritime solutions provider, has consistently advanced their end-toend software suite into a future proof, scalable and multi-platform system. Thome Group, the dynamic
provider of integrated shipping services, has signalled their confidence in BASSnet 2.11 by selecting

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