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Hot Port News from GAC

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Flags at half-mast
16 May 2022, United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates entered a 40-day period of mourning from 13 May after the country’s President passed away. 
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E-Health declaration for crew travelling to Philippines (Reminder)
16 May 2022, Singapore
Most crew bound for Philippines were not aware that they must complete the e-health declaration (i.e. One Health Pass) before check-in. 
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Acoustic monitors for dolphin survey in Hong Kong western waters
16 May 2022, Hong Kong
For approximately 24 months, acoustic monitors will be temporarily established on the seabed. 
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Cold moves during monsoon
16 May 2022, Mumbai, India
No “cold moves” (movements of dumb barges) will be allowed [at Mumbai] during the monsoon period. 
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