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“Port State Control; getting back on track”

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Luc Smulders, Secretary-General PARIS MOU


Looking at the Paris MoU “White, Grey and Black List” in this again challenging year, there is a small shift in the quality of shipping, resulting in a larger “White List” and a smaller “Black List”. The total number of 40 flags on the “White List” is slightly more than that of 2020 (39). The “Grey List” contains 21 flags (22 in 2020); the “Black List” 7 flags (9 in 2020).

Recognized Organizations (ROs) are authorised by flag States to carry out statutory surveys on their behalf. A performance list for ROs is presented in the Annual Report. Out of 528 detentions recorded in 2021, 64 (12.1%) were considered RO related (10.6% in 2020). Noteworthy is the fact that for the second year in a row no RO was included in the category “very low” on the RO performance list.

With 380 inspections and 60 detentions the ships flying a “Black-listed flag” had an average detention rate of 15.8%, which is substantially more than the 9.4% in 2020. For ships flying a “Grey-listed flag” the average detention rate was 8.2%, again substantially more than the 4.6 % in 2020. Ships flying a “White-listed flag” had an average detention rate of 2.8% which is slightly higher than in 2020 (2.4%) and 2019 (2.2%).

The five most frequently recorded deficiencies in 2021 were “ISM” (1,777; 4.9%), “fire doors/openings in fire-resisting divisions” (1,052; 3.9%), “seafarers’ employment agreement” (597; 1.7%), “auxiliary engine” (503; 1.4%) and “cleanliness of engine room” (471; 1.3%).

The Paris MoU Annual Report also details the future developments regarding the refinement and improvement of port State control in the region. The aim is to realise the mission of the Paris MoU to eliminate the operation of substandard shipping in the region

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