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Panama provides priority access to Seafarers at the Tocumen International Airport

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To commemorate the World Maritime Day, established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), as an expression of gratitude to demonstrate the support of the Republic of Panama to the key workers that are the Seafarers, for being an essential element to maintain the open and operational global economy by playing a vital role in maritime transport, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), the National Migration Service (SNM) and the Tocumen International Airport, S.A, in a joint effort established priority access with a signaling indicated by the word “gente de mar /seafarers ().

It is important to highlight that the Tocumen International Airport is the only one in Latin America in the top 10 of global air traffic, making Panama the epicenter of air connectivity in the region, in which seafarers from all over the world converge. For this reason, it is opportune to establish measures that facilitate their transit, while they use the airway to be repatriated, change crews or reach their homes, since between 80 and 90% of world trade is transported by sea.

This access has been enabled for seafarers through a line at the passport control post, arranged for diplomatic personnel, people with disabilities and cabin crew, as a way of offering hospitality and recognition, being one of the First countries to implement it, we urge other nations to contribute to seafarers and support initiatives that benefit them.

Providing them with accessibility during their stay at our airport is the way Panama marks a milestone and highlights World Maritime Day 2022, whose slogan is New Technologies for a Greener Maritime Transport, in which seafarers have a very important role, by making effective the application of all these environmental regulations and by supporting a green transition of the maritime sector towards a sustainable future, for present and future generations.

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