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Greek Parliamentary Elections, Geopolitics, Shipping News et al live on TV

by admin
Top row: Stergios Kalogiros and Spyros Papadakis; lower row: John Faraclas and Mariam Sakib

Following our 17th of March TV appearance, once again we were honored to appear earlier on tonight live on Vergina TV Athens’ studio and discuss the forthcoming Greek parliamentary elections of the 21st of May 2023, Geopolitics, the financial situation all over Planet Ocean and many other issues.

Stergios Kalogiros of Vergina TV Athens studio moderated the panel which included the eloquent journalist Spyros Papadakis head of “ELLADA FM” and civil engineer Ms Mariam Sakib, a new candidate in Athens’ A constituency for ruling party Nea Demokratia.

You can watch the 48 minute video here below, and in particular from the 14:30 minute until the end were we did our best to cover as many as we could time-wise shipping issues and criticize using as best as we could Aristotelian Constructive Criticism:

  • The situation in France – civil unrest on the pension age issue, Italy – in an immy need of US$ 285 (twohundredandeightyfive) billion to survive, the United Kingdom – in its entirety, Northern Ireland given the deal with the EU and the 30th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement (what a coincidence today eh!);
  • The situ in Global Economy; the global debt of US$ 405 (fourhundredandfivetrillion)… as well as the Greek one private and public which is now back in the tune of US$ 1 (one) trillion…
  • The War in Ukraine;
  • The Shipping Markets;
  • The Greek elections and what can happen if we have a coalition government; we stressed the fact that we need to see all candidates CV’s and KPI’s (Key Performance indicators). It is about time!!!
  • The success of Greek shipping companies, not only in pure ships business but also in services companies, such as V Group’s Antipollution Egypt – Suez Canal historic deal; WISTAs success, Helmepa’s new post graduate degree on sustainability, the 10th (plus) of IforU anniversary event at Atraktos’ auditorium last Monday and other cases/events.
  • Our findings on the above are based on our mid January and late March 2023 ten days criss-crossing Europe by car on land and sea (Greece, Italy Venice and its region, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France – Fontainebleau and UK, France – Auxerre and all the French eastern region, Alpignano, a comune in the Metropolitan City of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, and the entire Venice region . Our sea passage from Patras to Venice and return on board the fb ASTERION II).
  • The train disaster off Tembi, Larisa in central Greece… all parties who governed Greece are totally and fully responsible. No excuses!!!!

Enjoy and look forward to your written comments:

Happy Easter to all in the West and in the East, all over Planet Ocean – in particular to our Seafarers, with good Health above all and lets end the mess in Europe with this Ukrainian despicable mess that Russia, in defence(???), is causing.


View all our Vergina TV appearances (in Athens, Thessaloniki and London via SKYPE) in www.allaboutshipping.co.uk

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