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Athens to host 31st AMVER Awards to celebrate Greek Seafarers’ exemplary Seamanship

by admin

The heart of seamanship takes center stage at this year’s AMVER Awards Gala Dinner, a major tradition of our industry. Set to unfold on December 15, 2023, at Athens’ Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel, the event is organized by the International Propeller Club of the United States, Port of Piraeus, in collaboration with the United States Embassy in Greece and the United States Coast Guard, marking another milestone in honoring Greek seafarers’ exceptional commitment to seamanship.

Over 800 distinguished guests are expected to attend the 31st edition of the event, including the US Ambassador to Greece George J. Tsunis, Greek shipowners and shipping executives, influential decision-makers, government officials, and other US Embassy personnel among others. They will be welcomed by Admiral Nathan Moore who will be the master of ceremony.

The AMVER Awards celebrate and honor the shipping companies, vessels and crew who have played a role in safeguarding the lives of seafarers leveraging the AMVER System, a joint initiative of the United States Coast Guard and merchant shipping leaders launched on April 15, 1958.

Standing as a beacon of safety in the maritime world during the last seven decades, this system actively monitors vessels, promptly identifies potential issues, and signals nearby ships to lend assistance—a lifeline in times of crisis.

With over 11,000 international ships actively engaged in the AMVER program and an average of 6,300 vessels joining the AMVER plot daily, its impact is substantial. The AMVER Center processes a staggering 40,000 AMVER messages daily, an indication to its vital role in ensuring maritime safety worldwide.

This year’s ceremony will celebrate 192 Greek-owned shipping entities and their fleet of 2,057 vessels for their committed participation in the AMVER initiative.

Costis Frangoulis, President of the International Propeller Club Port of Piraeus, and Vice President of the International Propeller Club of the United States, remarked: “Seafarers are not just navigators; they are unsung heroes safeguarding lives amidst the unpredictable expanses of the sea. Their care and compassion for others and their courage in executing daring rescues is a testament to their valor and preparedness, epitomizing seamanship’s noblest facets.

“Each rescue reflects their unwavering commitment to humanity, showcasing not just technical expertise but also incredible courage, camaraderie, and profound respect for the sea’s capricious nature.”

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