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Piraeus celebrates its Patron Saint’s Day

by admin
From today’s Saint Spyridon Litany at Akti Miaouli Street; Picture gratis Capt. Antonis Ch. Pitsilos

A big day today for Piraeus, as Greece biggest port and one of the biggest in the World – its importance known for over three millennia, the Port of Piraeus celebrates its Patron Saint, Saint Spyridon! Saint Spyridon bishop of Trymithous, as he is mainly known, was born in Askia Cypus in c. 270 and passed away in Trymithous in 348. He is a saint honoured in both the Eastern (12 Dec) and Western (14 Dec) Christian traditions.

He is also the Patron Saint of potters – from the miracle of the potsherd and also he is the Patron Saint of Corfu, the Keeper of the City (Πολιουχος) for the miracle of expelling the plague from the Island of the Phaeacians!

As every year following the divine liturgy at Piraeus’ main Cathedral of his name-shake the Holy Litany of His Icon took place at Piraeus’ main avenue, Akti Miaouli with the participation of ministers and local authorities as well as the shipping business fraternity of Piraeus AND Athens! The Greek Government was represented by Domna Michailidou, the deputy minister for Education, Religion and Sports. The Greek Parliament was represented by MP Nikos Vlachakos – A’ Piraeus and Islands constituency as well as politicians from various political parties. Present was also the Commandant of the Hellenic Coast Guard Rear Admiral George Alexandrakis, The Harbour Master of Piraeus Commander (HCG) Ioannis Mitilinaios and many officers from the HCG, the Greek Navy, the Police and the security Forces. What an excellent speech that was by the mayor of Piraeus Yiannis Moralis!!

Chios Marine Club’s president Captain Antonis Ch. Pitsilos was there as well as members of the Club!
Many Happy Returns to all Spyridons’, Spyros’ but also Spyridoulas’ as many Greek women are christened after his name.

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