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Forthcoming OMFIF meetings

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AI: implications for financial regulation and government oversight
Wednesday 14 February, Roundtable
How is artificial intelligence impacting the future of financial regulation and governance? This event brings together key voices from the public and private sectors to discuss how AI will affect compliance with and enforcement of financial regulation, as well as what kind of policy choices might be required to ensure its safe use.

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Protecting the unique features of digital assets under UK law
Tuesday 20 February, Roundtable
OMFIF welcomes back Sarah Green, commissioner for commercial and common law, UK Law Commission, to assess what’s needed to create a consistent framework for digital assets.

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‘How’ rather than ‘why’: blended finance building from COP28
Wednesday 21 February, Roundtable
This discussion will focus on the practical facilitation of blended finance, with a view to forming a working group that will put together a toolkit for investors.

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Latin America public debt outlook
Wednesday 21 February, Roundtable
The Latin American sovereign bond market brings together sovereign debt management heads with senior portfolio managers in the region to discuss funding conditions for the year ahead.

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The economic outlook and monetary policy in CEE
Thursday 22 February, Roundtable
This roundtable discusses the outlook for CEE economies and currencies in 2024, the outlook for inflation, growth and rate policy and how CEE economies will balance resilience with competitiveness in a challenging macroenvironment.

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