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Home News From the UGS Posidonia media press conference…

From the UGS Posidonia media press conference…

by admin

by John Faraclas

The finale of Posidonia 2024 included the traditional and most important press conference of the UGS (Union of Greek Shipowners) at the Main Hall of the Metropolitan Exhibition Centre.

Nearly all Shipping media and daily Greek media attended including also international shipping press representatives.

All aspects of the Shipping Industry were covered with responses/replies by UGS’ president Melina Travlos assisted by some of the BoD members present in the panel.

Allaboutshipping.co.uk was more than lucky to take two questions, one on Maritime Education and Training – insisting for the purchase or built of a training ship for merchant marine cadets (men and women) and one on the energy propulsion with respect nuclear means.

Here below is the questions and response.

On Maritime Education and Training:

I always maintain the fact that there is a tentative need for a training vessel and had to argue on this issue as I argue for this issue over the last 13 years in this medium!

On propulsion:

In a nutshell my second question was for the nuclear propulsion giving also a quick historical note from the time the Otto Hahn the 16,000 dwt general cargo ship and her three sisters. The Otto Hahn begun to be constructed on the 31st of August 1963… and then the entire project of Dr. Erich Bagge was …abandoned… As said this was due to an “invisible” hand…

Try translate the to and fro discussion and the UGS’ president reply. Excellent!

See you at the next Posidonia 2026 and let’s see how we progress on both issues!

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