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Renting an iPad at Posidonia

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Coming to Posidonia? You can leave your laptop or tablet back home!

An innovative travel service has started in Athens, offering travelers and visitors the option to rent Apple’s best selling gadget, the iPad.

TravelPad Guides will be offering  travelers an Apple iPad with unlimited 3G Internet use. This means that you can connect to the web from virtually any place and not just depend on your hotel’s WiFi network. In addition, the TravelPad is loaded with more than 50 applications, ranging from  travel guides, maps and walking tours specifically designed from Athens, to popular Internet tools such as email clients, Skype and news browsers. Along with the TravelPad the visitor can find coupons with discounts on popular activities in the center of the city, such as bike rentals, open bus tours or Segway tours.

You can book your TravelPad online through their website and have it delivered to the airport or to your hotel.   The cost is 20 euros per day and comes in a leather folio for style and protection.

We talked with TravelPad’s creator, Theodore Callitsis, to explain to us his idea behind this new service:

“The idea lies behind the fact that we tend to become more and more connected to the Internet and rely on its services, from reading our daily news to talking and interacting with friends and family. Unfortunately, when traveling, this connectivity becomes very limited, mostly due to the high roaming costs. At best, you can connect at your hotel’s reception or room and luckily free of charge.”

“That’s what mostly frustrates me when I travel and I need to have connectivity on the go, that I get to pay my phone carrier almost the cost of an extra night!”

And he continues:

“So why not rent an Internet connection along with a best selling gadget, such as the iPad and benefit from its connectivity and versatility,   have it in your backpack and surf as you go! As a tourist tool, it doesn’t get better than that! You no longer have to carry paper maps or outdated travel guides; with the TravelPad you instantly check your location on the map, check what’s around you and get info on it!  Want to see which taverna around  has the best ratings? Sure, no problem! Use the TripAdvisor application and see all the reviews around you.”

“And when you finish walking around the Acropolis, you can sit and relax having your coffee under the Athenian sun while checking your emails or updating your social profiles about how cool your stay is!”

It’s an interesting concept for travelers…  Are you coming to Posidonia? Will you rent one and surf in the expo?


Viewers can email info@travelpad.gr or reservations@travelpad.gr and proceed further with orders.

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