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World’s Largest Maritime Job Board

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Aug. 28, 2012 – (Marine NewsWire) JOB2SEA has grown to become the world’s largest job board for the maritime sector and can, 24/7-360˚, establish contact to thousands of competent people with maritime expertise – expertise that will be scarce in the coming decades. The success is due to equal parts of specialization, intensive use of social media and strategic partnerships. This year JOB2SEA will be the first job board at the Danish National Pavilion ever at SMM in Hamburg.

JOB2SEA has a 100 percent focus on the maritime sector and offers both land and sea based jobs. From being a service to Danish maritime officers, the portal has grown to a global full-service portal with more than 40, 000 views per month, and 10, 000 registered users offering more than 3, 000 jobs a month.

“We operate in an industry where skilled labour is in demand and international reports indicate that there will be a great shortage of well-trained cadets and maritime officers. The industry needs a job board that seriously specialises in its needs, accounts for the specialties and skilled needs of the branch and effectively contributes to the globalisation of the job market, ” said Jakob le Fevre, managing partner of JOB2SEA.

Social media important to both job seekers and recruiters

Job seeking and recruitment has been dominated by only national outlook and many small agents with limited network. JOB2SEA offers advanced tools to both job seekers and recruiters, including push notification features, mobile enabled sites and deep social media integration.

le Fevre explained: “24/7-360˚ we can establish contact to thousands of people with maritime expertise. We administer active groups on LinkedIn with more than 25, 000 members and we have a close co-operation with LinkedIn. That alone gives us a unique opportunity to effectively reach out to both active and passive job seekers. And of course we are also operating via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.”

Strategic partnerships with mutual benefit

The growth of the portal also points to the support from the big, ambitious maritime cluster in Denmark.

“We could not have reached this point without strong support from the maritime cluster in Denmark. It is ambitious of us to set out to change the traditional recruitment mechanisms in a global industry. It requires not only that management in companies see the need; they must also have the courage to take on new methods to make recruitment a truly global activity. Our active VIP partners featuring on the portal and our national and international partners are immensely important to us. And partnerships last when there is mutual benefit, “ said le Fevre.

First at SMM

SMM in Hamburg is the world’s largest forum for the maritime industry featuring more than 2, 000 exhibitors from well over 50 countries and some 50, 000 visitors. JOB2Sea is the first job portal to enter SMM.

le Fevre ended: “We are the world’s largest maritime job portal so of course we must be there – there is a massive potential for companies to sharpen and revise their recruitment strategy, so that they attract the best competencies around the clock, all week and all around the globe.”

JOB2SEA is positioned in the Danish National Pavilion, B1, Stand 313.

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Maritime Employment October 11, 2012 - 9:04 AM

it’s good that maritime employment is keeping up with the latest technology. maritime job sites are a great help to seafarers seeking employment opportunities.

Earl W Browne February 22, 2013 - 11:02 PM

Dear sir/madam,
It wil be very prudernt,if concerned stakeholder(s)such as the ITF,ISF,look into the recruitment process which hurt seamen,the blatant nepotism by recruiters as well as discriumination on ethnicity as well as age which are some of the factors that you will find unsuitable crewing on vessels today.
Recruitment process should be looked at holistically,and no recruiter has the right to determine
wheter the seaman has reasched retirement age,i personally has faced such discrimination in the past and still do,also som e masters/captain whom works in some of the biggest shipping companies,also should play
a vital role.


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