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VIDEOTEL launches new generation Vidoetel on Demand

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VOD G2 system

The launch of VOD G2 (Videotel On Demand G2) and NVOD G2 (Networked Videotel On Demand G2) marks a major milestone in Videotel’s history and provides a worthy successor to the original VOD computer system installed on thousands of vessels and which has revolutionised training provision for many hundreds of thousands of seafarers throughout the world. The new VOD G2 versions offer a significantly improved experience for everybody using Videotel’s top quality maritime training programmes and integrated management systems, whether online, on board or on shore. 

“Our G2 second generation operating system really does bring 21st century user benefits, ” says Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel Marine International. “We now offer our complete training package in one brilliantly fast, user friendly, stable and state-of-art operating environment. Cloud based technology allows VOD G2 and NVOD G2 to access online services via our webFTA portal, the onshore records management program which enables access to all training records on all ships along with customised data assessments. There’s no better way to demonstrate to Port State Control Officers, ISM Auditors, Vetting Inspectors and  other shore based authorities a more committed training structure.

“We will be using this new system to launch the latest version of our highly regarded ECDIS Training Course, updated to follow the new STCW Manila amendments and IMO guidelines. With the implementation of ECDIS as the primary means of navigation, this course provides the ideal solution to the pressures of complex training and ISM compliance faced by the shipping industry. And with its fast and intuitive new operating system, ship operators can be assured that VOD G2 makes the learning experience something really special.”

Videotel offers the full portfolio of award winning training packages through either VOD, or NVOD – the innovative networked version which provides access to Videotel’s videos, courses and interactive Computer Based Training across a ship’s network enabling multiple users to watch different programmes simultaneously. The G2 technology delivers a significantly improved experience and is easy to use with menu options provided in 10 different languages and instant access to recently viewed items and favourites.

The system offers advanced training delivery with a faster and more stable system for viewing all types of training, whether courses, programmes or CBTs; flash technology; massive storage; printable workbooks and key data. Individual company training programmes can be uploaded and used alongside Videotel training and the system offers easy integration with existing crew Safety Management Systems.

The new G2 system offers the ideal platform to deliver top class training for the 21st century with over 800 top quality maritime training courses instantly available and new training titles highlighted. Interactive material delivers challenging sets of randomised tests and questions, with instant review of areas requiring further study.

Videotel’s ECDIS Training Course

In conjunction with the IMO, Videotel has updated its original ECDIS course to follow the new STCW Manila amendments and the 2012 IMO Model Course 1.27. The course provides a sound mind-set and understanding of the principles of the ECDIS system and how it should be used to facilitate navigational planning.

The course is intended for all deck officers as part of their mandatory ECDIS training and meets the following objectives via twelve modules:

■ Learn about the legislative background of ECDIS

■ Know the capabilities and functionality of ECDIS

■ Understand the capabilities and limitations of ENCs and RNCs

■ Learn how to operate ECDIS for route planning and route monitoring

■ Know how to analyse and interpret information from ECDIS

■ Be confident in operating and managing chart licenses and operational procedures

■ Fulfil part of the STCW Manila Amendments requirements for ECDIS training Course outcomes

■ Candidates will understand the principles of ECDIS, the fundamentals of ECDIS capability and operation and will know how to use the system for route planning and monitoring. They will also know the limitations of ECDIS and the dangers of over-reliance.

■ Candidates will have completed part of the content of the IMO ECDIS Model Course 1.27 (2012 edition)

Once this part of the training has been completed successfully, candidates can progress to an ECDIS Training Consortium (ETC) centre for simulator training and then to type-specific training.

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