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Issue 5 of “Insight” looks at the global implications of urbanisation

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Lloyd’s Register’s magazine covers the issues that matter most to the people and industries it serves      

Lloyd’s Register has published the fifth edition of Insight, the issues-driven magazine for clients and other industry stakeholders that covers the subjects that affect the critical infrastructure society relies on to sustain life, and the quality of life.      

This issue has contributions from influential executives who have a unique view and a huge depth of knowledge with the issues that are changing the world in which we live.

It starts with a look at some of the implications of global urbanisation. What opportunities and problems does it create? What does it mean for business? What about the pressures on our food chain and water supply? Lloyd’s Register has talked to senior management at Larsen and Toubro about India’s urbanisation challenges and examines the rise of Singapore — an urbanisation success story.

As usual, the magazine covers others topics of interest across the sectors that Lloyd’s Register serves:

  • the strategic value of certified management systems
  • storing renewable energy
  • the future for coal; and
  • Asia’s carbon-trading schemes.

Interviews: Polys Hajioannou, Chairman of Safe Bulkers; Christine Duffy, President and CEO of the Cruise Lines International Association; Paul Holthus, Executive Director of the World Ocean Council; and Leo van Dongen, Director of NedTrain Fleet Services and Professor Maintenance Engineering, University of Twente.

Insight can be downloaded from the Lloyd’s Register web site (www.lr.org) and hard copies can be requested via the web site or by email to: lloydsreg@lr.org.

Lloyd’s Register provides independent assurance to companies operating high-risk, capital-intensive assets in the energy and transportation sectors. We enhance the safety of life, property and the environment by helping our clients to ensure the quality construction and operation of critical infrastructure.

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