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Changes to the composition of the Oslo Børs Benchmark Index (OSEBX)

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16/11/2012  – Oslo Børs has performed it’s the semiannualy revision of the composition of the Benchmark Index (OSEBX). The revisions means the number of shares in the index will be unchanged from 1 December.  EMGS and Songa Offshore are included in the index, while Funcom and Photocure are removed.

The Benchmark Index is intended to be an investable index that comprises a representative selection of all the shares listed on Oslo Børs. Since the index is meant to be investable, shares included in the index must be relatively easy to buy and sell in the market at any time.

With effect from 1 December 2012, the index will comprise 56 shares.

The following companies will be removed from the index:

  • Funcom N.V.
  • Photocure ASA

The following companies will be included in the index:

  • Songa Offshore SE

See the new composition here: : http://www.newsweb.no/newsweb/search.do?messageId=316029

The next review of the Benchmark Index will be in May 2013, with effect from 1 June 2013.

Facts about the Benchmark Index: OSEBX is a semiannually revised free float adjusted index with changes implemented on 1 December and 1 June respectively. In the period between the review dates the number of shares for each security is fixed with exception of adjustments for corporate actions with priority for existing shareholders. The OSEBX index is adjusted for dividend payments.

The Oslo Børs Benchmark Index was introduced in 2001, and replaced the former total index. Since this time, the number of companies included in the Benchmark Index has varied between 52 and 81.

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