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There is no shortcut to experience

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75 years ago the MacGregor brothers identified a problem with ships’ hatch covers, and produced an innovative solution. Life at sea was safer, ships became more profitable.

This has proved to be an extremely effective way of building a sustainable business.

It is hardly surprising that shipowners and operators have high expectations of MacGregor equipment: earning a reputation worldwide for quality, reliability and efficient performance is impressive in itself, but maintaining it for 75 years shows the sort of commitment that the maritime community appreciates.

MacGregor is Cargotec’s global marketleading brand in marine cargo handling and offshore load-handling solutions. “As a company we have an intrinsic sense of pride in our MacGregor products, ” says Pekka Vauramo, Chief Operating Officer, Marine.

“So it is not just customers who have high expectations – naturally we do too.

“We believe that the value of our products and services is not confined to their ability to function well; it extends to their throughlife performance, reliability and managed costs, achieved through quality assurance on a global scale. Today, half of the world’s ocean-going ships carry MacGregor equipment on board”.

The MacGregor name made its first impression on the industry during the 1920s when two engineers, Joseph and Robert

MacGregor, developed the first steel hatch cover in Whitley Bay in the north of England, and patented it in 1929. This was a success and MacGregor & Company was founded in 1937 to promote and sell the hatch covers.

Through development, acquisitions and mergers, the MacGregor product range has grown continuously since then. In 2005

Kone acquired MacGregor International and later in the same year, Kone demerged and Cargotec was listed. Cargotec Corporation is the world’s leading provider of cargo handling solutions and in addition to MacGregor, has two other market-leading brands, Hiab and Kalmar. Innovative engineering has been a MacGregor characteristic ever since those first steel hatch covers. For example, notable milestones in the past twelve months include the introduction of the first fully automatic MacGregor twistlock, the C8A; winning Offshore Support Journal’s innovation of the year award for the MacGregor Chain Wheel Manipulator; establishing a new joint venture company in China, Rainbow-Cargotec Industries Co Ltd (RCI), to grow the company’s offshore MacGregor crane portfolio; and the introduction of a new range of electrically-driven offshore anchor-handling/towing winches, which join Cargotec’s growing electric-drive portfolio.

“Celebrating 75 years of MacGregor equipment is not nostalgic, ” Mr Vauramo says, “it represents a vast amount of experience which we can use as the foundation for building the future. We aim to continue to grow our merchant marine and offshore businesses, and also make sure that the high that our new and existing customers have in us continue to be justified”.

Acquisitions accelerate growth:

1937 MacGregor & Co formed | 1945 innovator Henri Kummerman is appointed agent in France | 1957 Navire company formed 1969 Navire Cargo Gear AB formed | 1983 MacGregor and Navire merge (as part of Kone Corp) | 1993 MacGregor-Navire acquired by Incentive | 1993 Incentive merges MacGregor-Navire and Hägglunds Marine as the MacGregor Group | 1995 MacGregor- Kayaba joint venture formed in Japan | 1998 Industri Kapital acquires majority of MacGregor Group shares from Incentive | 2000 MacGregor acquires linkspan specialist Norent | 2001 MacGregor acquires Otecnor hydraulics engineering companies in the UAE 2005 Kone Cargotec acquires MacGregor Group from Industri Kapital | 2006 BMH Marine and Grampian Hydraulics acquired 2007 offshore specialists Hydramarine, Plimsoll and Vestnorsk Hydraulikkservice acquired | 2008 factory manufacturing MacGregor offshore equipment opens in Tianjin, China | 2008 US company Platform Crane Service acquired | 2010 offshore service centre established in Brazil | 2010 sole ownership of MacGregor-Kayaba acquired | 2011 offshore competence centres established in Norway and Singapore | 2012 Rainbow-Cargotec Industries (RCI) joint venture established in China

The latest issue of MacGregor News can read if you click:  MacGregorNews_165_2012 

All above and he pdf accredited to Cargotec – MacGregor News Autumn 2012


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