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Important issues for world shipping including the greek shipping and economic saga… and Europe too

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John Faraclas’ live interview to Panos Thomakos at SBC TV last Friday 23rd  of November tackled the following issues:

  1. The European Union budget and the UK’s disagreement which Faraclas says are understandable and justifiable due to unnecessary overspending on many issues.
  2. The usage of the Euro in Europe and how same has helped / can further help shipping and in particular the conversion from port to port in different countries on many issues (wages, crew advances, stores and provisions, bunkers etc.)
  3. The Markets, the stagnation of the BDI
  4. The Chinese stagnation for almost a year and the Chinese – Japanese dispute over the islets
  5. The Middle East and its periphery problems which will greatly affect shipping alike the 1967 closing of the Suez Canal and its repercussions for the shipping markets…
  6. The importance of one Europe and not that of the rich North and poor South as Shipping and Tourism are the spearhead of the South’s economy and earning are far above that of the North’s!
  7. The seafarers labour market in Greece, the usage of foreign crew members and how new jobs for Greek seafarers can be created. The fact that this is a private market and the ship-owner has the right to choose which seafarer is good/capable for his ship, as Greek Shipping is a private affair and nt a state nor a public one….
  8. The globalised seafarers market and how Greek ship-owners give and create jobs worldwide, like no other group of owners.
  9. The importance of  a minimum of a three years posting at IMO of all Greek Coast Guard officer, including that of the Greek Consular Harbour Master and Shipping Attaché/ Counsellor. Unnecessary transfere costs shoud stop as same are paid at he end of the day by the Greek tax payer…
  10. The last Transport Security Conference and Exhibition in London’s Olympia and its importance!
  11. The coming visit of Greece’s super Minister for Shipping Costis Moussouroulis and any Greek Shipping Minister acting like a Prime Minister and his importance as well as that of his Ministry for starting a new era of development in Greece.
  12. The resurrection of the Greek public and their peaceful rally across Greek cities sending a message to Europe to pay the “bailout” whic Europe’s lending masters and hteir political masters created!

As usual there will be a translation into English and viewers can log on here to listen:

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