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Maritime Aquarium selects Northern Lights Hybrid Marine for eco-friendly propulsion and power

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SEATTLE – Nov. 27, 2012 – (Marine NewsWire) Northern Lights, an industry leader in marine power, propulsion and HVACR is pleased to announce its Hybrid Marine system has been selected to power the new “floating schoolhouse” for the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, Conn. 

Northern Lights Hybrid Marine is an ideal fit for the Maritime Aquarium. Their new 65-foot research vessel – designed by Incat Crowther – will be used throughout Long Island Sound to entertain and inform aquarium patrons. Installing the Hybrid Marine system allows the vessel the clean, reliable propulsion it needs to travel out into the Sound. By utilizing stored energy it can remain under quiet, eco-friendly power during extended periods of at-sea education.  And because the same system provides the vessel’s AC electrical power, it alleviates the need for running an additional genset.

Northern Lights Hybrid Marine utilizes the world’s most successful series hybrid – one with millions of miles of on-road operational service. It provides power via tested, reliable Lugger L1064A propulsion engines with integrated starter generators (ISG). Energy is held in an energy storage module (ESM) and metered through a power control system (PCS). The traction motor provides energy to the prop, while energy is stored for its most efficient usage.

The traction motor is attached to the propeller shaft; but the remaining components can be installed virtually anywhere in the engine room. With its flexible architecture, Hybrid Marine can be designed for electric propulsion, shipboard AC power, or both – as in the case of the Maritime Aquarium vessel.

“The entire package is designed to be clean, quiet and environmentally responsible, ” said Northern Lights vice president Mike Maynard. “Our hybrid marine solution eliminates wet stacking and will reduce both energy waste and fuel costs.”

The Maritime Aquarium annually provides 10, 000 school children with the opportunity to learn more about the world’s waterways in an at-sea application. Now, thanks to Northern Lights Hybrid Marine they can do so in a clean, economical, ecologically advanced manner.

About Northern Lights

Founded in 1958, Northern Lights is a leading manufacturer of Northern Lights Marine Diesel Generators, Lugger Propulsion Engines and Technicold Marine Climate Control and Refrigeration Systems. The company’s products are distributed through a global sales and service network to over 40 countries.

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Custom Aquarium | James November 28, 2012 - 1:07 PM

It’s good to know that the industry is also looking at eco-friendly ways to conserve not only marine life but also the whole ecosystem including the habitat they are living at.


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