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New anti-criminality technology and intelligence package launches

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Angus Miller

Angus Miller

QuinSec  launched last night on board HQS Wellington, a sophisticated technology and intelligence package. The new system significantly reduces risks for personnel or the public as it helps first responders in a variety of dangerous or complex environments.

Quinsec is dedicated to finding innovative ways to protect personnel and assets wherever they are, globally. The company showcased how 360 degree imagery, portable wireless camera systems, covert tracking, intelligence & analysis, and powerful geographic and data-basing software can be used to make significant in-roads into helping incident victims and saving assets by allowing first responders, such as police, fire crews, or special forces, access or dangerous hostile environments more safely.

AET's Temi Binitie and Mayen Ekong

AET’s Temi Binitie and Mayen Ekong

Focusing on one of its core capabilities, maritime security, QuinSec has developed techniques that not only help to deter piracy, but can also lead to improved prosecution rates. It does this by combining enhanced intelligence gathering techniques, new imagery and transmission technology, covert tracking, and by sharing all this data with the relevant authorities.

When we say a full house, we mean a full house!

When we say a full house, we mean a full house!

The installation of a QuinSec system enables a ship at sea; a vulnerable on shore facility, such as a port, school or complex work-site; or even a large public space, to become a safer environment. This is because whoever is the first responder: (on-site health & safety or security; police; fire fighter; or military operator) is able to immediately and easily access a variety of real-time and recent visual information and data, enabling rapid and appropriate reaction, whatever the circumstance: civil, criminal, terrorist, or natural disaster.

Simon Gutheridge and George Kiourktsoglou

Simon Gutheridge and George Kiourktsoglou

To help raise awareness and capability levels, QuinSec also use former UK Special Forces personnel to provide bespoke security training courses aimed at senior executives, first responders, or governmental personnel.

QuinSec Operations Director, Andy Pearson MC, said of the company’s systems “We are delighted to be able to offer such an expert package of technology to the international market. It is simple to use, yet extremely effective in a multitude of complex or fragile environments.”

For more detailed information on the latest technologies, visit www.QuinSec.com

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