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In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:
* Australia, Gladstone – Ports reopened
* Turkey, all ports – 2013 Maritime Chamber Dues
* Panama, Panama Canal – Just-in-Time Service Trial Period

DATE: January 29, 2013
COUNTRY: Australia
PORT: Gladstone
Ports reopened

The ports of Gladstone and Port Kembla have re-opened.

Gladstone Harbour is now open to vessel traffic within restrictions. Access
to stockpile areas remains under the control of Terminal Supervisors,
however this restriction is expected to be lifted tomorrow (30 January).
Non-GPC personnel are still required to contact Terminal Supervisors prior
to accessing either terminal.

Gladstone Ports Corporation has advised that it is now in full recovery
mode at both RG Tanna and Barney Point Coal Terminals, with works
prioritised to facilitating ramp up of production.

Major rivers in and around the Gladstone district are still experiencing
flooding as a follow on from the recent weather events. This flooding has
led to large amounts of debris in the harbour.

As a result, the Harbour Master has ruled that the operation of small craft
(including construction craft) will be limited to daylight hours only in
the short term. This includes the pilot transfer vessel.

Between 200mm and 400mm of rain fell over the Bowen basin coalfields. The
Blackwater and Moura railway systems bringing coal from the Bowen Basin to
Gladstone remains closed. There is no advice on the extent of any damage at
this stage. No coal is currently being transported to Gladstone and
indications are that it may be more than a week before railing to the port

The port authority has reopened the port to shipping on an individual risk
assessments. If weather conditions continue to abate, normal operations
will resume without further notice.

High winds are still predicted offshore, thus the anchorage remains closed
until review tomorrow (30 January).

For information about operations in Australia contact GAC Australia at

DATE: January 29, 2013
PORT: all ports
2013 Maritime Chamber Dues
Turkish Maritime Chamber dues for port calls have been increased for all
commercial vessels with effect from 1 January 2013.

The calculation method is shown below:

1-500 GRT:
125.00 TL (approximately USD 71)

501-1, 000 GRT:
200.00 TL (approximately USD 113)

1, 001-1, 500 GRT:
250.00 TL (approximately USD 142)

1, 501-2, 000 GRT:
300.00 TL (approximately USD 170)

2, 001-2, 500 GRT:
350.00 TL (approximately USD 198)

2, 501-5, 000 GRT:
400.00 TL (approximately USD 227)

5, 001-10, 000 GRT:
425.00 TL (approximately USD 241)

10, 001-25, 000 GRT:
450.00 TL (approximately USD 255)

From 25, 001 GRT and up:
480.00 TL (approximately USD 272)

For information about operations in Turkey contact GAC Turkey at turkey@gac.com

DATE: January 29, 2013
PORT: Panama Canal
Just-in-Time Service Trial Period

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) is currently exploring new options to the
presently required arrival times for booked vessels, as established in
Section Three of the Regulation on Navigation in Panama Canal Waters. In
this regard, the ACP is developing the concept of a just-in-time service,
which would allow booked vessels to arrive at an hour much closer to their
scheduled transit time instead of arriving earlier, having to remain for
several hours at anchor before actually beginning their transit.

In order to properly evaluate the functionality of this new service and
determine the regulations that may be required for the same, the ACP will
be conducting a trial period beginning February 1, 2013, for up to 60
calendar days.

Participation in the trial will be limited exclusively to booked vessels.
These must be equipped with a type A AIS device and must have submitted the
“Just-In-Time Service Trial Period Request Form” no later than 96 hours
prior to 0900 hours of the intended transit date, via email to
booking@pancanal.com or by fax to 272-5137.

During the trial period, the ACP will select up to 4 booked vessels per
day, and no more than 2 vessels per direction. If the number of requests
exceeds the number of available slots per direction, the assignment of
those 2 slots will be determined based on the order in which the requests
to participate in the trial period were received.

The selection of the vessels to participate in the trials will be made in
the following order:
– Vessels of 274.32 m (900 feet) LOA or more and with beam greater or equal
to 30.48 m (100 feet)
– Vessels of less than 274.32 m (900 feet) LOA with beams greater or equal
to 30.48 m (100 feet)
– Other supers of less than 30.48 m (100 feet) in beam.

For this initiative to be successful, the vessels’ ETA must be as accurate
as possible. Selected vessels will be notified, via email to the address
indicated in the request form, approximately 96 hours prior to their
scheduled transit, of their required arrival time (ETA) and their tentative
transit time. The vessel will then be tracked via AIS in order to monitor
its progress towards fulfilling the ETA submitted. The ACP may vary the
scheduled transit time due to changes in resource availability, operational
requirements, or other unforeseeable circumstances. Changes to the
scheduled transit time will be informed to the participating vessels
immediately by email. If the new required arrival time is earlier than the
one previously provided, and the vessel informs the ACP that they cannot
comply with this new time, the ACP will make the necessary adjustments to
the schedule to avoid adversely affecting the vessel.

In order to maintain their transit reservation slot, vessels shall arrive
at the sea buoy before or by the indicated time. If the transit is
cancelled by the ACP due to late arrival, or if the vessel arrives on time
but cannot transit due to noncompliance with the Regulations on Navigation
in Panama Canal Waters, or if, by decision of the master, operator, or
representative, the vessel does not initiate its transit as scheduled, the
reservation will be cancelled by the ACP and the vessel will be assessed a
fee equivalent to the reservation fee. In such cases, the vessel will be
rescheduled for regular transit in the order established by the ACP.

During the trial period, the just-in-time service will be offered at no
additional cost to the vessel.

Information regarding transit requirements for the participating vessels
will be reviewed prior to the vessel’s arrival through a pre-arrival
document inspection process conducted by the ACP’s admeasurement office.
Deviations or non-compliance with the transit requirements will be
immediately communicated to the agents by the ACP in order to determine the
conditions under which the vessel may be allowed to transit. Failure to
comply with ACP requirements or providing incorrect or incomplete
information may result in the cancellation of the vessel’s reserved transit
slot and the vessel will be penalized by way of forfeiture of the
prescribed booking fee. The new pre-arrival document inspection process
does not exempt the vessel from physical inspection upon arrival.

The ACP will not be liable for any damage or prejudice which may arise from
the client’s participation in the Just-in-Time Service Trials operational
tests. This exception does not refer to damages resulting from navigation
in the Panama Canal in accordance with the Panama Canal Authority Organic
Law and its regulations.

Comments and suggestions regarding this service are highly appreciated and
may be submitted via e-mail to JITtrials@pancanal.com.

(For information about operations in Panama contact GAC-Wilford & McKay at
Source: Panama Canal Authority Advistory to Shipping No.A-03-2013 dated 28
January 2013

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