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MOL Introduces Onboard New Seafarer Training Program

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Providing Small-group, Practical Education by Expert Instructors —MOL

TOKYO—Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President: Koichi Muto) today announced that the company has built additional training facilities and cabins on CADET training vessels and started a new onboard intensive training program, called Cadet Actual Deployment for Education with Tutorial (CADET Training).

[Outline of CADET Training program]

  • CADET training vessels: 15 (10 containerships and 5 VLCCs)
  • Maximum number of trainees per year: 330 (Max. 8 per vessel in each program)
  • Boarding period: 2-6 months

MOL provides the CADET training program for cadets (officer candidates) aboard the vessels that are actually in service. This allows cadets who will support safe operation in the future to acquire basic safety education, gain a thorough understanding of the company’s guiding principles of safe operation, and practices based on those principles. In addition, the program will provide tailor-made guidance from expert onboard instructors for individual cadets based on a standard training program that covers the skills required for their specific jobs.

MOL already started this program in the Tanker Division, which is required to meet advanced safety standards, using two VLCCs, and about 30 trainees are taking the program now. The company plans to extend this program to containerships and other VLCCs, which are already scheduled to provide the training program.

MOL sets out the goal of “Four Zeroes” —

(1) Zero serious marine accident,

(2) Zero oil pollution,

(3) Zero fatal accident, and

(4) Zero serious cargo damage — in the midterm management plan “GEAR UP!

MOL” with the aim to “become the world leader in safe operation.” The company continually strives toward enhancement of safe operation by providing full-fledged training both from hardware and software aspects for seafarers to further increase their skill level.

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