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Pilot for ISO PAS 28007 (Maritime) Audit takes place

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Castor Valli, maritime security officer on watch

Castor Valli, maritime security officer on watch

The first two Private Maritime Security Companies begin the Pilot Audit of the ISO PAS 28007

 London: Tuesday 12 March 2013: MSS Global, a UKAS Accredited Certification Body, has announced the two Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) that they have selected for their Pilot Audit of Certification for ISO PAS 28007 (maritime) as part of the UKAS Certification Pilot Programme. Port2Port Maritime Security and Castor Vali Security Risk Management will undergo an audit assurance process in accordance with ISO 28000 and ISO PAS 28007 (maritime) beginning later this month.

MSS Global, as a Certification Body that specializes in supporting the private security industry for complex environments, are part of the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) pilot for both ISO PAS 28007 (maritime) and PSC 1 (land).

MSS Global, recognised within the private security sector as a leading, specialist UKAS Accredited Certification Body, were approached by a large number of PMSCs to take them into the pilot for ISO 28007. MSS Global has chosen a smaller company, and a mid-large company; the aim being to best capture the breadth of market demands so that the certification model developed through the pilot best fits the PMSC market that supports the commercial shipping industry.

Tony Chattin, the Managing Director of MSS Global said, “We are delighted to be working with Port2Port and Castor Valli through this UKAS sponsored pilot to deliver this important ISO which has been designed specifically for this emergent maritime security market. This process to date has taken much work, involving many others across the maritime security sector, such as the UK Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG), the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) and BIMCO.”

Castor Valli, maritime security officcer

Castor Valli, maritime security officcer

The ISO Publically Available Specification 28007, as part of the ISO 28000 Security Management System family, establishes the internationally recognised guidelines for PMSCs providing private contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships.

Chattin continued, “This international standard will establish a clear capability benchmark, that will allow PMSCs to provide assurance to their clients through the impartial third party accredited certification regime for management systems, enshrined in the ISO framework.”

Andrew Varney, the Managing Director of Port 2 Port said, “We are very pleased to have been selected for the pilot ISO audit. Port2Port operates to extremely high standards and to be assessed against this globally recognised standard across all our processes is a benchmark we are keen to achieve.”

Russ Armstrong, the Managing Director of Castor Vali said, “This is great news for the industry; we have worked hard to manage the delivery of our service under a high degree of transparency. To have these processes examined and endorsed through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) will prove the high standards we promote and endorse for our clients.”

The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) has been at the vanguard of the advancement of international maritime security standards and has played a key role in the development of ISO PAS 28007 (maritime). SAMI is firmly of the view that this is a pivotal, vital and significant development. Commenting on the launch of the MSS Global pilot audit, Peter Cook, Founder and Security Director of SAMI said, “The association is delighted that two of SAMI’s certified members have been selected to participate in this next stage of development for ISO PAS 28007 and fully support them in this process.”

Giles Noakes, the Chief Maritime Security Officer of BIMCO said, “It is excellent to see this pilot scheme kick off so soon after the introduction of ISO PAS 28007 – there have been a number of ‘doubting Thomas’s’. It confirms entirely our view that a PMSC’s professional credibility and safety standards need endorsing through a recognized, independent, third party audit system in an area where seafarers lives are at risk and there is no room for mistakes. We are confident this pilot will validate our involvement and support for the ISO PAS and the development and implementation of the GUARDCON contract now extensively in use with the industry.

About ISO 28000

Based upon the risk management approach of ISO 28000 (Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain), this latest ISO ‘Publically Available Specification’ (PAS) establishes a set of conformance criteria that PMSCs will need to demonstrate in order to be certified.  It covers everything from client engagement and risk perception, through company head office procedures and protocols, including selection and training of security teams, through to service delivery and post incident management.


MSS Global is a specialist UKAS Accredited Certification Body providing assurance of private security companies for high-risk markets.

MSS Global offer a scalable compliance assurance service to help clients demonstrate a secure business-operating environment in challenging emergent markets. MSS represents over 45 years of experience working globally across the full breadth of the security arena with local governance and broader partners to deliver credible, impartial assurance of security in emergent environments across the maritime and land domains against internationally recognised standards.

As a specialist third party impartial UKAS Accredited Certification Body we offer a subject matter expert compliance assurance service to Clients:

• Quality Assurance Auditing of Privately Contracted (Armed) Security Providers against ISO 9001 and ISO PAS 28007 as part of ISO 28000.

• Quality Assurance Auditing of Private Security Companies against PSC 1.

• Support to Deliver Security of the Supply Chain (ISO 28000).

The company was founded by Tony Chattin and Tony Phipps in 2012 and is based in Devon.


Castor Vali is a UK based security risk management company, providing asset protection worldwide. Delivering the full range of security solutions for land and maritime security operations, our mission is to provide appropriate, discrete and dedicated services allowing organisations to maintain maximum operational effectiveness.

The company was founded by Russ Armstrong in 2011 and is based in London.


Port 2 Port Maritime is a UK based, fully regulated and compliant Security Risk Management Company specializing in the delivery of maritime protection services. Our management team combines expertise from the worlds of shipping, oil and gas and wider security industry to deliver a truly world class product. With an excellent reputation for professionalism and reliability, we continually strive to set new standards in maritime security.

Andrew Varney founded the Company in 2011 with its Head Office in Manchester and regional offices in Ghana, Greece and Korea.


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