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Who's ....dealing with "piracy"....

Who’s ….dealing with “piracy”….

It seems only a short while ago that we were reporting on the smashing success of the WISTA Hellas December 2012 Forum and here we are now already entering the month of March 2013.  While not all our events may be “news worthy” in the formal sense, we know that our members and friends always welcome our updates (and photos) on events and developments related to the Association and it is always our pleasure to accommodate!

As many of you know, WISTA Hellas changed it up a bit this year by hosting its annual Pitta Cutting at the Marriott Hotel where we closed down the Zephyros Restaurant just for our members and had the full rich Zephyros buffet menu all to ourselves.  With the wine and food flowing (and at a very competitive price!), WISTA Hellas President Rea Metropoulou along with fellow Board members welcomed Wista Hellas Members who took the opportunity to catch up after the holidays and applauded our pitta cutting winner of the “flouri”Mrs. Dina Kanetaki of Naftomar.  Dina was the lucky winner of a generous donation by our member Ioanna Topaloglou of Orion Insurance and Consultants, who graciously offered a weekend at a luxury hotel in Pilio.  Dina, we look forward to hearing from you with photos from your trip!  All members also walked away with a custom made, especially for WISTA Hellas, paperweight silver ship set upon white marble, donated by Vice President Dorothea Ioannou.

Rea Metropoulou and Vicky Roussos

Rea Metropoulou and Vicky Roussos

The carnival period of 2013 kicked off to a great start this year with WISTA Hellas opting for a masquerade party in celebration of the time of the year as opposed to its traditional formal Gala or cocktail party. The goal this year?  To simply relax and enjoy the company of WISTA Hellas members and all their friends!  On the first night of Greek “apokries” or the equivalent of the “Mardi Gras”, Friday, March 1st, at Pausa Bar in Maroussi that’s exactly what WISTA Hellas did! With open bar and light buffet, masked guests mingled, talked, laughed and danced until late into the night and most actually until the early hours of the morning.  The Board recognizes that as professionals on a management level in our fast paced and frequently stressful sector of shipping and trade, sometimes some events simply have to aim at getting members and colleagues to take a break together without any other target or mission.  As the night went on, besides sighting a witch, a devil, a fairy, an American Indian, a sombrero touting Mexican, a gangster, a fish, a peace loving hippie, a bounty hunter, a sheik and harem, along with many other unique combinations of masked guests, there were also sightings of famous personalities who made their appearance, namely Little Red Riding Hood, Fred and Wilma Flinstone, Aliki Vougouklaki and none other than Elvis himself (we knew he wasn’t gone!)!

From the excospring meeting

From the excospring meeting

As you know, our very own Katerina Stathopoulou is now a member of ExCo WISTA International and attended the Spring meeting which took place on 7th– 9th March in Geneva.  Attached you may find a summary of the respective meeting, as received by ExCo President, Mrs. Karin Orsel. WISTA Hellas General Secretary Eleftheria Magiafi also joined the meeting with an aim to promote this year’s WISTA MED to be hosted by WISTA Hellas on the island of Hydra on June 7th and 8th!  You may find here below link to the video as displayed in promotion of the forthcoming WISTA Med Conference:


In line with WISTA Hellas charitable conscious, many WISTA Hellas Members and Friends participated yesterday in yet another WISTA Hellas supported event spearheaded by our very own Irene Notias. The Fun(d) Raiser Cocktail Party took place at Plan B Bar Restaurant in Athens, 19:30 onwards, in effort to raise awareness and funds for the silent disease of Alzheimer’s that hits so many families.  At 25 euros a person, 7 euros per ticket will go to The Athens Alzheimer’s Association which educates, trains medical staff & caretakers and provides coping services for those affected by this disease and their families.

Finally, WISTA Hellas looks forwarding to welcoming its membership at the next Annual General Meeting the beginning of April. Only with active membership can we guarantee success of the Association in its events, activities and goals.

Thanks for your support and watch this space!



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