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U-FREIGHT handles ultra-long load

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resize-smallU-Freight Group (UFL) brand, Dalian China Express  International  Transportation has handled the shipment of very long cargo  through  Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport (DLC) that required airport  authorities to temporarily remove a length of handrails to allow the  safe handling of a very long flat-bedded truck.

The consignment,   which arrived from Europe onboard a chartered Antonov  AN-124, was made up of seven items which weighed 66 tonnes in total and  included two 30.5 m oil  pipes.

Dalian China Express was responsible for the ground handling at  DLC  before overland haulage to the client’s factory, a major Chinese oil   company.

An ultra-long flat-bed truck was required for the cargo as  well as a  70-tonne crane and other trucks, to handle the unloading of cargo   directly from the AN-124 freighter at the apron of DLC airport.

The  company also arranged Customs clearance and final delivery to the  customer’s  factory.

Unloading and administrative matters, including Customs  clearance, as  well as the negotiations with the airport authorities, took a day before  the consignment could leave on its road journey to the final  destination.

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