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World Shipping Markets: still under caution

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The following are the main points from the latest John Faraclas live interview to Panos Thomakos of SBC TV  last Friday the 7th of June  2013; log below and listen:

John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

Despite a +3 points the BDI remains at low levels and the fact that the plus from the previous week was also +3 points, bringing the BDI to 812, still creates uncertainty. The age of the chartered tonnage remains immaterial and when you see capers, such as the Cape Hawk fixed for US$10, 000 per day what do you expect? Panamaxes at US$ 6, 100????  Well, caution…

“The Reefer Summer Party on board the Cutty Sark was a good networking event and many issues come to the fore…” Faraclas said, stressing that this is a very important market and the key to recovery… It’s a seasonal trade with a lot of hick-ups…. Greek reefer owners are also doing well in this specialised field of shipping trade…

The anti-racist bill that the Greek Government is contemplating was also in length discussed. Faraclas mentioned that he Greek Shipping industry employees seafarers from all over he world without any problem with respect racism, a great achievement. Thomakos was blasting with the way the goverment and all the parties tackle the issue with rhetoric being the name of the game…

The  private view at the Greek Ambassador’s residence of the David Lloyd George – Eleftherios Venizelos anecdotal letters, cables and memorabilia was also discussed in length… DimitrisAvramopoulos, the Greek Foreign Secretary opened the event.. .Mr. Avramopoulos amongst other issues, stressed the importance of Greek Shipping which makes him proud when he meets his European and World  counter parts.

For the Turkish saga with the incidents beginning with the Taksim Square stand-off  – which spreads in other major Turkish Cities,  Faraclas said that the situ “…is unpredictable and you never ever know what Erdogan might come up with…”

For the Greek Coastal Services and the strikes and with the schedule sailings for this touristic season still not on, Faraclas congratulated Thomakos and SBC TV channel as being he first during the Xmas interview to query what will happen, following contacts and querries by foreign tourists contacting the TV station. Moreover the financial situation and the attitude of the Coastal Shipping Companies  is very serious…

This and many more issues can be heard in Greek, just log on above,  and within the next 48 hours there will be subtitles in English for our international viewers’ facilitation. Enjoy it!

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