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Commission reinforces safety for EU ships

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Life-saving_appliancesMarine equipment directive – On 17 December 2012, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a new directive on marine equipment (or “MED”).

Marine equipment represents a significant fraction of the value of a ship, and its quality and good operation are critical for the safety of the ship and its crew, as well as for the prevention of maritime accidents and pollution of the marine environment.

With this proposal the Commission wants to simplify laws to protect the environment, thereby reducing costs for business and ensuring better application.

As such, the reform will make the internal market work better and strengthen the competitiveness of EU industry. The proposal will also introduce provisions on the control of “notified bodies” – i.e. certifiers – and market surveillance, as well as obligations for manufacturers, importers and distributors (with certain adjustments specific for the marine equipment sector).

The Commission is pleased with the speed by which Council has progressed on this file and hopes that the Council will reach agreement in the form of a General Approach.

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Source: EUROPA

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