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RMT calls for manslaughter charges over the “Swanland” sinking

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The ex “Swanland”

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said; “This shocking and damning report into the avoidable and tragic sinking of the Swanland in the Irish Sea should shame our own government and the international maritime industry into urgent action.

“This rusting death trap of a vessel had been flagged out to the Cook Islands and allowed to dodge the most basic of safety and maintenance regimes. The seafarers on board never stood a chance. Their lives were lost in the name of profit and greed.

Bob Crow

Bob Crow

“RMT wants to see corporate manslaughter charges against those who sent these lads to their deaths, an end to flagging out and the dodging of safety regulations and action by the UK government to end the scandal of the ships of shame sailing out of British ports and in British waters.

“RMT will not let those responsible for tolerating and encouraging the lack of basic safety that led to the Swanland tragedy off the hook. A repeat of this disaster is just waiting to happen and warm words and lip service in response to this damning MAIB report will achieve nothing. The only answer is decisive and hard line action.”

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