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This Summertime the entire allaboutshipping.co.uk team is…

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The "Kouzounos" secluded beach with Spetsopoula at the far end and a yacht at its private pier...

The “Kouzounos” secluded beach with Spetsopoula at the far end and a yacht at its private pier…

…on the move enjoying the summer breaks that Greece and its islands offer. For all of us, it’s a little work, a little play per our primary school book… Sometimes, coincidentally, visits double or even triple, in the same places by members of the team, suggesting the uniqueness and excellent choice.  Greece and its islands are simply destinations for thought!

Rich in history and culture, the Greek Archipelaga alike the mainland, offer a variety which, combined with the ever changing environment and scenery from Arhcipelago to Arcgipelago, offers the uniqueness  blessed by the Gods: The cradle of Civilisation!

An inner view off Garyfalos beach

An inner view off Garyfalos beach

Spetses, the famous heroic island of the Greek War of Independence  in 1821, located between the south west point of the Saronic Gulf, and entry to the Gulf of Argolis, opposite the Peloponnesian coast, was the first stop-over for a delayed wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J. Fond. As you read these lines Lilian Evgenides and Elena Kritikou are having fun at the Kaiki Beach! Spetses, epitomises the Belle Epoque and leadership, political and business leadership, the place which materialised the inspiration and future successful dreams with projectability, of Greece’s statesman Eleftherios Venizelos. With the jewel of the Belle Epoque off the port of Dapia, on the  eastern quay, the Posidonion Hotel, then, further down, a mile away the famous Anargirios and Korgiallenios College of Spetses (AKSS); on the north eastern side the Old Port and the secluded beaches, having at its eastern side – like a shield, the Niarchos’ family private island, the Spetsopoula, Spetses attracts thousands of tourists, Greeks and international ones over  a century now. When at the veranda of Posidonion overlooking the Peloponnesian coast, take a deep sip of Mojito and a cool masticha liquor, then all your troubles seem so far away.  A good chance also to see a display of unique jewellery, masterpieces designed  by world acclaimed gemmologist-jeweller Alexandra Itouna, from ITOUNA gems in Athens. Manage your time and join also for the Armata annual celebrations on 7 and 8 September,  to experience the difference…

The jewel of the Belle Epoque: the Posidonion Hotel restored into its initial glory and beyond

The jewel of the Belle Epoque: the Posidonion Hotel restored into its initial glory and beyond

Have the splash and dive of your life at the Garyfalos beach and then tell Posidon about your experience; the sea-nymphs will serenade you…

International Regattas with world known sailors – some being Olympic, European and World golden medallists, exhibitions and cultural events take place from May to September every year, and its green pine scenery, pristine waters and unique cuisine is what attracts these thousands of tourists…  The traditional horse-carriages continue over two centuries now their services to humanity with those in love being their best customers! And in the winter, October to end of April: the place for a special long weekend to unwind!

Spetses 1922072013athex 183Read the book “The Magus” by John Fowles*, one of the best British writers of last century – “The French Lieutenant’s woman” which become a film, and see what “Fraxos” (Spetses) means to humanity…

During our stay the cultural events headed by Philippos Demertzis-Bouboulis where on and we were lucky to attend the “Amazons” theatrical play at the grounds, off the Museum of Spetses, as well as the annual book fair on the quay in front of Posidonio Hotel  organised by the “Union of Spetsiot Women”.

P.S.: tomorrow, Monday 12 of August, at the Folkore Exhibition Studio the new arts exhibition private view of paintings under the title “Arts on Spetses” is on, sponsored by the famous Politis’ Almonds Sweets, the  traditional local Spetsiot sweets specialist; don’t miss it!

*the late John Fowles (1926-2005) was a teacher at the Anargyrios and Corgialenios College of Spetses

N.B. the trip from Piraeus with the “traditional” flying dolphin via Poros and Hydra Islands and return via Hermione, Hydra – the night of the full moon!

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