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Art on Spetses

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Eva Bratopoulou, the "Bluewaved Maistros", oil on canvas

Eva Bratopoulou, the “Bluewaved Maistros”, oil on canvas

Further to our Saturday’s* reference in our holiday reporting from the island of Spetses, off Piraeus, we bring you news from the private view of the exhibition by  local artists from the Spetses Art Workshop. Those who will visit the beautiful island of Spetses, until 10 September, will have the opportunity to see paintings and clay sculptures.

The Spetses Art Workshop, an idea of ​​painters Alexander Tsironi and Demis Tassiuli, where they believe that anyone who loves art can create art work, opened its doors to residents of the island in 2008. By this way it gives them the opportunity to come into contact with the process and the perception of artistic creation-painting project.

Since then, every year, they present the works of people who lived through the experience of creating and in their works they record their concerns and the joy of completing a work of art.

This year’s exhibition «Art on Spetses» takes place at the Folk Workshop of the island (30 meters from the Historical Museum of Spetses – Ioannis Mexi). There are presented works of art of the painter Alexander Tsironi and members of the Workshop Dimitra Kiousi, Evangelia Bratopoulou, Theodora Kriemadi, Katerina Michael and Christina Cowan Mytilineou.

Tarpaulins, cardboards, watercolors papers, charcoal, pencil, acrylic and clay compose seascapes, landscapes of Spetses, still lifes, portraits, geometric shapes, animals, sculptures and whatever else inspired artists, creating a diverse and interesting exhibition.

The official exhibition opening was held on Monday, August 12, gathering a crowd, sponsored by the confectionery “Politis” known for its famous Spetses almonds sweets and its traditional recipes of candy that have remained unchanged since 1927.


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