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The Shipping Markets: Be prepared for major changes…

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

From Athens SBC TV studios once again,  John Faraclas’ live interview to Lilian Margaritis last Thursday the 5th  of September 2013 on the world shipping markets and major events was focused on the BDI trends, war, maritime tourism, the  Greek flag, the successful presence in London of the Athens Exchanges’ 8th annual road show. and politics – of course….

Lilian Margaritis starting question was on the trend of the BDI whose downward trend has influenced the markets. Faraclas’ response was that this week the BDI was on the reverse – upwards, proving the volatility, unpredictability and influence of one type of tonnage as well as the Eastern Mediterranean  Syrian saga being also a matter of great concern.

The BDI closed  at 1.279 points, up 64 points from the previous closing and 143 points from the previous week, again “ thanks” to the capers- and Panamaxes which were on a respectable upwards trend…. All the other BDI indices had a small, a minimal rise or even fall – BHSI at 534 down 1! Caution on the wets which both – BDTI and BCTI had another fall.

The Syrian saga was discussed too with the Faraclas prediction of terrorists attacks on the 29th of August –  in the last interview, becoming valid given the attack of the Cosco Asia in the Suez and thanks to the Egyptian authorities’ involvement in handling same on time, nothing to disrupt the Suez Canal and cause unprecedented damage to trade and hipping happened.

The Greek Cruise industry was also discussed with the expected new cruise terminal in Piraeus by  the PPA to create the south pier and Faraclas favouring the neon Faliron – Moschato cruise terminal area at the Faliron Bay.

The Greek flag’s drop by 3, 5 centum was also discussed, the sales and purchase spree and the improvement of the Greek Administration which has to follow the successful shipping example was also discussed…

The above and other issues can be seen live in the video attached herebelow; look forward your comments. We will soon have the subtitles in English

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