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CSR as a Competitive Advantage

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CSR JNF cl london 2013 no 2 24102013 029The 3rd Annual Shipping & Offshore CSR Forum yesterday in London’s ICAEW, organised by Capital Link was more than a success!

It is indeed the need and significance of CSR that continues to grow and evolve in an increasingly diversifying global economy, which is apparent  in the technological innovation involved in building new vessels, the supply side of shipping, the emerging financial and commercial advantages and the rising demand for maritime safety that make CSR more and more important and interwoven with this specialist industry, shipping, in its entirety.

With over 100 delegates, 37 speakers and moderators and 26 sponsors, supporters and partners* from all over the world and Capital Link’s  dedicated team of professionals the event is now the talk of the Square Mile and beyond.

Helle Gleie

Helle Gleie

We managed to have four short live interviews with high calibre professionals in their respective field including the heart and soul of capital link, Nicolas Bornozis.

After the welcome remarks by Nicolas Bornozis and Clay Maitland, the founding chairman of NAMEPA and managing partner of IRI, Helle Gleie, director of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative took the podium and all of us by surprise with her excellent slides presentation “Sustainability – CSR & the changing face of the shipping industry”; an excellent opening warmly applauded by the delegates.

Rob Lomas, Giles Noakes and Patrick Verhoeven

Rob Lomas, Giles Noakes and Patrick Verhoeven

After successfully replying to a couple of questions she introduced the first panel  on “CSR – beyond the regulatory requirements; new challenges and industry response”. Giles Noakes from BIMCO, Patrick Verhoeven, the Secretary General from ECSA, and Rob Lomas, the Secretary General of Intercargo, all had interesting points to say.


Then come Giles Longueve, president of the Maritime Passive Safety Association with a very interesting but debatable presentation on “The Salvage Friendly Ship: A comprehensive CSR policy must include Accident Scenario”, with George Tsavliris  vigorously objecting to many points of this “concept” / idea. Indeed and despite the meticulousness of the speakers presentation points, there were a lot of objections and these should, in our view addressed in a specially organised event.

George Tsavliris, Revd. David Potterton, Simon Stonehouse, Gilles Longueve and Rob Lomas

George Tsavliris, Revd. David Potterton, Simon Stonehouse, Gilles Longueve and Rob Lomas

Rob Lomas’ turn now as Moderator for yet another powerful panel on Maritime Safety which included: Gilles Longueve, Simon Stonehoue, hull underwriter from Brit Insurance with his mild but to the point style, simply saying “…that insurers/underwriters cannot pay the damage…” given what takes place; the Revd. David Potterton, Honorary Chaplin from the Sailors’ Society with a very passionate speech, and George Tsavliris, principal of The Tsavliris Group and chairman of CYMEPA and INTERMEPAwith his usual explicit style explaining  how over 2, 500 case that his company has dealt with enriches his views, support and possible give some objections on the matter.

A view of the conference call - east side

A view of the conference hall – east side

Katharine Palmer from  Lloyd’s Register was the moderator of the “CSR & Techological Innovation” panel comprised by Iraklis Prokopakis, COO of Danaos Corporation  with his slides presentation on  “Technological Innovation in shipping – the CSR approach”, Steven Jones, Maritime Director from SAMI with as always the security aspects, and Diane Gilpin, director B9 shipping with a supper slides presentation…ready to recruit you!. Interesting points were heard and five questions just got us to the more than desired coffee break; punctuality in time keeping up to now, but  time for networking and organising live interviews – to be seen further down as the story evolves…was a necessity…

Diane Gilpin, Steven Jones, Iraklis Prokopakis and Katharine Palmer

Diane Gilpin, Steven Jones, Iraklis Prokopakis and Katharine Palmer

Women’s turn again with firstly Stephanie Moffat, the environmental executive from Zodiac Maritime delivered and interesting paper on health matters titled “Health, Safety and Environmental Reporting and External Verification”, and Ruth Cowley, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright LLP on “CSR & Corporate Governance”; another interesting slides presentation with the message coming from her slide on Sustainable Shipping Initiative  being the fact that is “stemming from the challenges, SSI developing key areas for action, which members publicly committed to support”.-

Captain Kuba Szymanski

Captain Kuba Szymanski

Captain Kuba Szymanski, the Secretary General from InterManager, was in a great day and performed well in presenting and directing the “CSR & Human Factor – anticipating New Challenges” panel.

The panel comprised from  Radm. (Rt) HN Elias Ladas DPA, HR and Training Manager from Danaos with a sophisticated but simple methodology on the matter, his fellow Greek Costas S. Galanakis, CEO from Elvictor Group, Nigel Shattock, Director of Communications The Seafarers UK and the Revd. Canon Ken Peters, Director of Justice & Welfare – Mission to Seafarers, as always passionate and pragmatic too on these sensitive issues, which we must hear again and again.

Nigel Shattock, Costas S. Galanakis, the Revd. Canon Ken Petres and Captain Elias Ladas

Nigel Shattock, Costas S. Galanakis, the Revd. Canon Ken Peters and Radm (Rt) HN Elias Ladas

Costas S. Galanakis surprised us with his findings in Philippines as well as on discussing the issue at lunch break on the more difficult days to come, despite the efforts and investment involved due to social and political, as well as administrative issues on the subject matter.

Half way through the course of the forum, we managed  to get Nicolas Bornozis to say a few words…

After the lunch break the much awaited event, that of honouring Clay Maitland with Capital Links’ 2013 Maritime CSR Leadership Award.

Harry Theohary delivers the Award to Clay Maitland in the presence of Nicolas Bornozis

Harry Theohari delivers the Award to Clay Maitland in the presence of Nicolas Bornozis

The award was delivered by Harry Theohari of Norton Rose Fulbright, the company’s head of Transport. A very touching moment for Clay and all his team  present there. The awards initiative is aimed in recognising individuals for their leadership and commitment to sustainability and CSR in the Maritime Sector.

Smiling faces: Nicolas and Olga Bornozis

Smiling faces: Nicolas and Olga Bornozis

We just managed to interview him and here is what Clay Maitland had to say:

Money money money and the world goes round; so here we go with the post lunch session on “CSR as  Financial Advantage “, with Brian Devine, partner  from Norton Rose moderating the event. Barry Wingate, director global banking from HSBC Investment Bank; Alisdair Pettigrew, shipping operation lead from Carbon War Room and Nikos Stratis, senior investment manager from Northern Shipping Funds comprised the panel  which was brief and to the point in its deliberations and even finished five minute earlier!

We did also filmed Carleen Lyden-Kluss, the heart beating in NAMEPA, and this is what she come up with:

The itching issue of  Recycling (…otherwise “known” as Demolition and Scraping…), indeed the most delicate issue worldwide but especially in the sub-continent and in the Far East  – with only Turkey being involved from the rest of the world’s  major stakeholders, was the next theme to be discussed under the title: “Sustainable Ship Recycling”, was directed by the well known Dr. Nikos Mikelis, non-executive director from GMS and panellists: Dr. Abdul Rahim, ClassNK’s regional manager Europe and Africa – with a very simple and to the point slides presentation and never ever losing his humour; Patience Mayiaki FMO’s environmental and social specialist – she was also brief and very down to earth and David Roberts, Gearbulk (UK)’s senior manager on sustainability and technical issues.

Dr. Abdul Rahim, Patience Mayiaki, David Roberts and Dr. Nikos Mikelis

Dr. Abdul Rahim, Patience Mayiaki, David Roberts and Dr. Nikos Mikelis

There was  a serious debate as this topic will bother us for many more years to come, given the culture and political difference as well as lack of uniformity on a world-wide basis…. and despite the five or so questions this session  too ended three minutes earlier.

Good fortune was with us and managed to quickie ask George Tsavliris before getting his cub…

Here comes again Clay Maitland, in one of his life’s most important days to moderate the next session on a bit of a legal issue, as well as a shipbroking one, but also a very humane given the time/periods involved; the title being “CSR as a Commercial and Operational Advantage – the demand for CSR by Charterers”. Panellists  Anders Holbrech, manager CSR & Sustainability manager at Maersk Tankers with Marc Foster. Deputy European manager from Rightship gave a good account on the issue; well done and well directed – also spot on time 15:55 pm with the planned ending of the session’s time-frame!

Maria Bruun Skipper

Maria Bruun Skipper

The young lady from the Danish Shipowners’ Association and its senior adviser, Maria Bruun Skipper, gave one of the three top speeches supported by excellent slides; the theme being: “ On course for a better world” – a presentation worth re-delivering in many of Europe’s shipping and economic centres and then at the IMO and the UN for the world to understand our industry in its entirety and its support to each county’s national economy, needless to mention its immediate  periphery. Well done!

Hans Noren, Captain Panayiotis Drossos, John Adams and Richard Meade

Hans Noren, Captain Panayiotis Drossos, John Adams and Richard Meade

The last panel had obviously the signature of the media with Richard Meade, editor of Lloyd’s List directing same under the title; “ Best practices (Tanker, Dry Bulk and container Industries)” a matter for strong nerves. John Adams managing director from Teekay Shipping who made some nice points and interventions during the event, Captain Panayiotis Drossos, deputy managing director at TCM (Tsakos Culumbia Shipmanagement) and Hans Noren, Concordia Maritime’s president completed the team discussing quite a vast field in a very short period of time and just managing to be one time.

Marten Lunde at the podium delivering one of he best ever heard papers focusing on his country Norway and its capabilities through his company's CSR support

Marten Lunde at the podium delivering one of the best ever heard papers focusing on his country, Norway and its capabilities through his company’s CSR support, investment and development; an example for all

The finale was unique, a great man from the north, Marten Lunde, CEO of Troms Offshore AS, gave the one of the best ever accounts of its kind under the theme “Best Industry Practices (Offshore)” contributing in his company’s success and his country’s development; for sure all Norwegians should be very proud. On par with Maria Bruun Skipper’s presentation, these two presentations already make the round of the Universe via the seven seas; excellent.

A very touching closing remarks by Nicolas Bornozis who praised the speakers, delegates sponsors and supporters of this unique event inviting us all to the many Capital  Link forthcoming events ; great. Last but not least congrats to his team and in particular Olga Bornozis for setting up this programme and respective A1 speakers!  Hope that next time round a bit of more time can be allocated for Questions to stimulate and streamline better these sensitive and important matters which are, still debatable until fully and practically adopted / materialised – there is still a long way to go, as all stakeholders must closely work with pathos and vigour to create these best practices which will greatly benefit our society.

A good turn-out from Greeks both from Greece as well as from London and beyond – Southampton to Qatar!

“F” – filming by Anny Zade.

*Global lead Sponsors: ABN-AMRO, TENLtd; Global Sponsors: GMS, The Marshall Islands registry; Event Sponsors: Concordia Maritime, Danaos, Elvictor Group, Lloyd’s Register, LOMAR, Maritime Passive Safety, Norton Rose Fulbright; Supporting Organisations: IMarEST, Imasma, Intermepa, London Maritime, NAMEPA, SPNL, WISTA-UK, ; Media Partners: AllAboutShipping.co.UK, ELNAVI, Future Nautics, Nafsgreen.gr, Ship2Shore, Shipping Finance, sustainableshipping and worldoils.-


Please find below all info regarding the 3rd Capital Link Annual Shipping & Offshore CSR Forum «CSR as a Competitive Advantage»

Press Release: http://forums.capitallink.com/csr/2013london/CSR_Press%20Release_2013.pdf

Speakers – Agenda: http://forums.capitallink.com/csr/2013london/index.html

Sponsors: http://forums.capitallink.com/csr/2013london/index.html

Handbook: http://forums.capitallink.com/csr/2013london/CSR_2013_London_Journal.pdf

Presentations: http://forums.capitallink.com/csr/2013london/signup_archive.html 

Photos: http://forums.capitallink.com/csr/2013london/photos.html 


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Kostis Antonopoulos-Rothschild October 28, 2013 - 5:02 AM

It was yet another great conference from Capital Link with lots of food for thought.
The way I see it:
– Short-termism is the plague of our era and has plagued our thousands years old industry, Shipping, as well. Short term seamen, short term operators, short term capital, short term investors, short term vision. International Finance system has collapsed due to short-termism, and now the word is looking for capitalism v.3.0. Shipping stakeholders must avoid the plague if they wish to have a future.
– The Industry is trying to replace “common sense” and “seamanship” with over-regulation. It is well known in science that Nature chooses the most simple rules. And it has been proven that complicated systems tend to collapse. Let us take this message from nature and try to bring in simplicity and common sense instead of over-regulation and superficial compliance with those.
-Finally, lets genuinely care about us and our home, Earth.



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