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Chandris: Hospitality has a name

Our third Autumn www.allaboutshipping.co.uk live presentation / recap of week 44 by John Faraclas covered:

A)The downward trend of the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) at 1, 552 points on Monday the 4th of November, slightly higher than the closure of Friday the 1st of November at 1, 525 points, clearly shows the downward market;

2) China’s shipowners expressing their concerns over the P3 merge as its massive scale might  create unfair competition;

3) Germany licencing its first private armed guards security company;

4)The eavesdropping saga with US, Germany, Spain, France exchanging “views” and…Greece… admitting “intruding” too, both in the American Embassy in Athens and in Ankara; the Snowden saga will be interesting to see how same both enfolds and evolves…

5) The opening of the World Travel Market in London’s ExCel Exhibition Centre and the aspect of Maritime Tourism;

6) Shipbuilding Industry’s blues with Croatia’s Uljanic and 3Maj in tatters and Greece’s politicians ostracising…with their countries shipyards;

7)The London Maritime Association’s Annual Dinner at the Baltic Exchange and

8) Moore Stephens’ Ship Operating Costs seminar.

We look forward to your written comments.

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