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Horacio Vasquez signing his book

Horacio Vasquez signing his book

Now, you all know the honour we give to all women in our industry – personal as well as that of www.allaboutshipping.co.uk; with all due respect to the rest of the women of the world, all women in the entire spectrum of the shipping industry continue to offer something exceptional, something above even imagination!

The latest event of its kind, which took place in London, was the presentation yesterday at lunch time of Re. 2da  Lic. Horacio Guillermo Vasquez’s book, at the residence of the Argentinian Ambassador, a masterpiece of its kind under the title “Women in the Argentinian Merchant Marine”.

IMIF ANNUAL and Arg women  6 NOV 2013 025Our host, Oscar Horacio Galli, Minister, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Argentinian Republic in London and his team provided the excellent environment to all intents and purposes to please all the guests present. A very touching presentation with equally touching prologue / presentation by WISTA –Argentinian President Maria Belen Espineira and her UK counterpart of WISTA-UK Maria Dixon. Most of the guests here WISTAs, particularly from the IMO, as well as members from many IMO country members, and members of the press and media.

Going through the book, which shows the meticulousness of the author and that of his collaborators Dr. Aurora Garcia Gonsalez and Dr. Rosa Mary de la Campa Portela, the reader becomes simply ecstatic!

Equally great translation by Alan Robinson making reading the book easy, particularly when culture and ethics are different. Obviously maritime culture happens to be more or less the same for the sea-wise fraternity and its heroine women.

IMIF ANNUAL and Arg women  6 NOV 2013 074Last but not least a very much touching note by Koji Sekimizu, IMO’s Secretary-General. This book must be in every library, in every bookcase/library on board ships and yachts, in all universities – particularly maritime ones, needless to say in every shipping ministry around the world to honour the real ladies of the seven seas!  Coming from a shipping and seafaring family, I fully endorse this Nautica editiones book and heartfully congratulate its author; excellent!

A nice discussion followed at the drinks and dip reception with excellent Argentinian wine, add the Thomas Cubitt designed building and you have the perfect setting!

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Maria Dixon November 7, 2013 - 2:36 PM

Many Thanks John for this article, I thank you very much your kind words, and let me tell you that by reading the book, we can see how in 1971, not long ago, the women were not allowed even on the bridge. WISTA was founded in 1974, and by reading this book, people can read how life was on those years, and perhaps understand the essence why WISTA started.

This book is a testimony of our industry and how we have changed.

Many thanks
Maria Dixon

Maria Belén Espiñeira November 7, 2013 - 4:51 PM

Thank you very much for this wonderful article!!

We are glad to be part of these news and proud of Lic. Horacio Vazquez and his piece of art!! The book marks a milestone in the history!!

This initiative coincides with the establishment of WISTA in ARGENTINA and I am sure its not just a coincidence, there is still a long way to go!! The book will be a helpfull tool to continue enhancing women participation in the shipping industry, onboard and ashore.

Thanks Horacio for allowing us to be part of such an interesting book!!

And congratulations!! WISTA ARGENTINA supports you and the initiative!!

Maria Belén Espiñeira



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