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Cornes partnership with MARIS reaps first ECDIS reward

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MARIS Training

MARIS Training

The first contract has been secured under a new strategic alliance between maritime electronics specialist MARIS and Japanese high-tech powerhouse Cornes & Co., Ltd. The contract covers the delivery of ECDIS for the entire vessel fleet controlled by an unspecified Tokyo-based ship management company.

The order will see MARIS ECDIS900 delivered for 20 bulk carriers, including12 newbuilds, while installation onboard further bulk carriers is under consideration. Each vessel will be installed with two The MARIS ECDIS900 units.

The partnership between MARIS and Cornes is a global distribution and license agreement through which the Japanese hi-tech trading company offers MARIS solutions covering ECDIS, chart management, radar overlay, weather management, voyage planning and routing software.

Cornes prides itself on introducing products and technology to Japan and other markets in Asia that represent the best the world has to offer. The group’s automobile marques, for example, include Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. The company has also been a designated distributor in Japan of International Admiralty Chart for 56 years, with products on offer already encompassing Admiralty e-Navigator.

“Companies that build their brands on quality do not choose technology partners lightly, ” says Steinar Gundersen, MARIS Deputy Chief executive (Corporate). “We see this agreement as testament to the trust placed in MARIS to provide the most advanced tools for shipping to maximise efficiency and minimise operating costs.”

The agreement includes provision for new modules, developments, enhancements, upgrades, additions, amendments or modifications to the MARIS products licensed. MARIS and Cornes are in discussions to broaden the scope of collaboration to deliver enhanced support services.

“MARIS has a 20% share of the ECDIS market for existing ships under its own brand, but our share of new orders in Asia is growing rapidly, ” says Mr Gundersen. “As mandatory ECDIS is phased in, what is important is that navigators can rely on the technology they use to ensure safety at sea. With Cornes as our partner, Asian owners can be assured that the best available partners in technology are supporting their need to comply with the rules.”


MARIS is a limited company with its head office in Tønsberg, Norway, a recognised centre for maritime information technology. The majority owner is the Grieg Group (www.grieg.no). MARIS has supplied more than 10, 000 navigation systems to customers in 40 countries.

The Grieg Group has a long and proud maritime tradition. Today, the Group operates globally within a variety of business areas; shipping, terminal operations, ship service, ship broking, maritime information systems, investment consulting and fish farming. The Grieg Group has about 1750 employees.

The roots of MARIS can be traced to the start of the maritime information technology explosion in the mid-1960s. MARIS is a system house with world-class experience in onboard systems. Innovative engineering has added several ´world firsts´ to its global list of milestones. Among them are our ´Wheelmark´ certified ECDIS and PC Radar/ARPA systems, IEC 60945 certified Flat Panel Computer and VDR/sVDR. MARIS is working with the UKHO to develop The Admiralty e-Navigator. Learn more at www.maris.no

About Cornes

For one and a half centuries, the Cornes Group has been associated with the highest levels of quality and innovation. It continues to introduce products and technology to the Japanese market that represent the very best the world has to offer.

The Cornes business encompasses a wide range of products and services including European luxury automobiles, marine charts and related publications, kitchenware, electronics and other high-tech products and equipment, and dairy and agricultural machinery. Cornes has in recent years become Japan’s leading biogas plant construction company. Cornes strives to deliver the highest level of quality and service to its customers and takes pride in being a bridge for ideas and innovation from the rest of the world to Japan. Learn more at www.cornes.co.jp

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